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    Belated HNY, running thread people.

    2018 Highlights

    1. Sub-18 parkrun, and a few first-place finishes #notarace
    2. First few attempts at 10k & HM, with sub-37 and sub-1:27 achieved
    3. Joining a club in late-November and having my first go at XC races/track sessions
    4. Watching wife and son continue to stick with and enjoy running (including his 19:46 at Hove parkrun on NYD2019 - I'll lump that in with the 2018 stuff)

    2019 Goals

    1. Sub-17 5k/parkrun
    2. Being a competitive V45 for the club in XC, track, and the club road competition
    3. Sub-35 10k? Hmm…
    4. Supporting my wife and son with their running goals (son having just joined the club and doing XC debut tomorrow at Wormwood Scrubs Met League U13s)
    5. Getting shot of this interminable achilles tendinopathy
    6. Continuing to keep abreast of this thread and all the inspiring stories therein
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    Sorry to hear so many people are feeling poorly. I went out early on the crappy track at Regent's Park to get a version of tonight's club session done. The prospect of running to Finsbury Park in the rain, doing intervals in heavier rain, and then running home in heavy rain or sitting drenched on a bus didn't appeal; and I don't wish to invite poorliness with open arms/lungs. But it's a viral lottery…

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    I stand corrected. With a slightly larger carbon footprint.

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    Sniff, my first racing flats. Sometimes you have to let them go…

    Can't complain about 1p/km. Checkout my carbon footprint, eh.

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    I think it might be time to retire my racing flats (Hyperions). You've got these, haven't you, @juanito? How old are yours?

    I've just ticked over the 600k mark in them (not the one pictured), which was the arbitrary lifespan I gave them. Superficially they're not looking too shabby, even held up against a new pair I have on standby; but they fail certain tests:

    1. They wobble laterally a bit when placed flat on the ground (without my feet in them).
    2. I think they're starting to feel a little wooden (not that there's much midsole to compress in a racing flat).
    3. The past few occasions I've worn them, my achilles tendinosis has been aggravated (though all manner of things set it off).

    Seeing as I have another pair, the sensible thing would be to try them out. No perceivable difference walking around indoors, but that counts for shit really.

    Anyone else have experience of racing flats and their longevity?

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    I could lend you it if you were down this way at all (central London). GBP are a brilliant independent press.

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    You might be interested in reading this, if you haven't already:


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    I was there. We watched the U15/U17 boys do the river crossing and it was carnage. About a third of the field ended up face down in the water.

    I opted for the left line/slower pace approach. Stayed upright both times, but the water was at my waist when I went into a riverbed pothole. Twice up an old ski slope was also pretty taxing. Think I was 8th V45, and 146th overall. Bit knackered from track and hills midweek.…

    …but that didn’t stop me doing the double. Sunday League at Trent Park this morning. 50th finisher. Don’t know age group placings yet, but certain I scored for the club A team. Lovely morning.

    Volunteered at parkrun. Still over 200 runners despite biblical conditions.

    @rhb - as I didn’t want to trash my varifocals, I augmented an old pair of single vision specs with some silicone ‘hooks’ that slip on the ends of the arms. Cheap on eBay. Perfectly secure during river crossings and whatnot.

    Top running lfgss crew.

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    Was 12th V40 in the Fraternity/Sorority XC and first scoring for our B team who came 2nd (A team won). Happy with that. Expect to be a lot lower down the mix in the Met League this weekend, then hobbling around the Sunday League.

    Enjoyed the first track session. Was absolutely soaked from running up there, so all the standing water on the track made no difference. Felt a little beaten up by the time I'd run home again. Giving my running shoes a day off today.