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    ascent = descent - t'either way round you go. personally I prefer to mix em up.

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    If it were 1cm larger in the vertical I'd throw my money in. And I already have a master x-light that I'll only part with OVER MY DEAD BODY!!

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    Good stuff chug_it.......and you brush'd up well in your smart togs!

    sharkstar - I got rejected from the VLM 2010, but am doing Brighton on the 18th April, so yeah, any long slowish stuff would be great.

    Goals. Just to stay injury free and do another few marathons. And go ride the Pyrenees maybe.
    (Managed to get all the way thru 2009 injury free until 27th December, out for a routine 'easy' 5 miler, last 100m put on a gentle spurt to get time inside 40 mins and TWANG, right calf muscle uncoupled. Bugger. Just goes to show what you get for easing off the miles and resting up a little!).

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    i thought i was your true love murtle ?

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    Yeah, lets put some spin back in.......

    On the 10th day of christmas
    My true love sent to me
    Ten-in-ches of ro-ode-ad-rash
    Nine Jameses dancing,
    Eight fixed's a-skiding,
    Seven 'Spoks A-spinning,
    Six policemen chasing,
    Five gold rings,
    Four courier bags,
    Three Mercians,
    Two lobster gloves,
    And a puncture on the A3.

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    I drove down to Huez back in August for some epic rides.......only pity was I had my family with me so had to keep the ride time shortish. Did all I could though......they were all much 'easier' than I thought they'd be! Here the blog http://kipperonabikealptastic.blogspot.c­om/. Hire bike was about £120 for a full week. A triple. No I didnt use the granny gear.
    Can't wait to get back and also go explore the Pyrennes.

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    Went down hard just 200m from my garage last night - first spill I've had in 8 fecking years too! Glad I had me lid on coz it was my head and my arse that took the impact. On investigation I was surprised I hadn't slipped off earlier on the same piece of road - it was hard just walking on it. Livid bruise on my arse this morning.
    Take it nice and careful folks.

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    fuck, I can only hold my breath for 2min21sec.
    and I can't spell proficiency either.