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    I remember this! I had a go, it's a remarkable frame and rides so nicely.
    Whoever gets this will be well happy.

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    Stow Brothers eh...

    Bought my place through them when it was the brothers doing the work. Very good.
    For the sale though, ended up with Bairstard Thieves as SB seem a victim of their own success - lots of suggestions to keep lowering the price, "viewing days" and a succession of clueless agents a different point of contact each week. Gave up and went old school. B.E. had offers coming within a week.

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    yeah this guy looks like a pro cyclist or a courier with some disposable income. His bike is very 'on here' circa 2007-10

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    I see a fellow in East London's famous East London area with a rather fetching blue woolly hat and an equally fetching blue front ARROWSPOK on his braklezz HHSB with his son occasionally.
    I think it's tynan but I only met him once for about five minutes and that was over 200 years ago.

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    Anyone bought a property in Spain?

    What about an English speaking country in the Southern Hemisphere?
    New Zealand? Australia?

    I bet they are really nice

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    Blast from the past, haven't seen you on here for yonks.

    hope you're well dude

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    Saw a bloke on a hybrid nearly kill himself 3 times in 3 junctions up Moorgate this morning. Knew something was afoot when he was track standing at the lights by London wall. This was followed by squeezing between a reversing lorry and a car that was stopped to let it out, under taking a van as it was turning left, and then over taking another van that was turning right. Thankfully Darwinism in action was avoided, but is getting to work 30 seconds earlier on a Friday really that important?

    Yep that was me. I saw a Columbian stunt rider balancing on a wall and wanted to copy him and so found a wall in London to practice on via google maps.
    The 30 seconds was important as it goes, except I ended up being 45 seconds late as I caught my trousers on a pushchair on a crossing further up and it took a while to get untangled and shut the screaming parent up. But it's all good.

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    To the idiot on the Plug who nearly ran into me this morning having RLJ'ed into the oncoming traffic lane at New Oxford St/Museum St: You, sir, are a knob.

    yeah that was me, sorry I'm struggling with controlling the plug, I usually use one of those chrome flip up things instead but had to use the plug for today. I was in a hurry to get home because the Mrs' bath water was running out