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    Google it!

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    Yes accessing that cycle path wasn't easy.
    We got it wrong initially and ended up on the right side of the motorway, on the road by the dunes that ends at that expensive restaurant. The dunes beach is awesome though.

    Once we cracked the ridiculous one way system we found our way to the cycle-path to the left of the rail way, all the way to San Fernando

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    Yes is think you are right about the goods coming in from the mainland. (though once stuff is at the market then some restaurants and shops bring produce the short distance from the market to their place in transit vans.)

    Though I gather from Mayte my friend there that there is a school run, kids bought very short distances in cars to school.

    There is lots of great cycling from Cadiz. We rode through the salt marsh to San Fernando on a cycle path parallel to the railway lane, about 8 miles in all. And got a Catamaran with the bikes to Puerto de Santa Maria then rode along the coast on a cycle-way

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    Just back from a trip to the ancient and small town of Cadiz
    Observations from my visit
    Cadiz is a perfect place for people to use cycles instead of motorbikes and cars.
    There are many older people and people with disabilities who are visible and seem to get around in wheelchairs and mobility scooters who could use some adapted cycles instead.

    Delivery’s to shops are made by vans and other vehicles and people carry boxes from the vehicles using utility dolly’s

    Large motor vehicles are used to deliver things:
    And the streets are too small

    Many private car owners drive around the old city.
    Cars are parked underground.

    Some many young people who could easily cycle get about on mopeds.

    There is not much conflict. People are patient and generally manage to share the limited space

    I did observe a couple of instances of conflict.

    I wonder:
    • What types of journeys are people making who drive private cars in the old town?
    • How often are there incidents where people are injured?
    • What plans does Cadiz Authority have to make Cadiz more cycling friendly?
    • What organisations exist in Cadiz to promote cycling locally (not just for tourists)?
    • Is there already a network of people interested in making Cadiz cycle friendly?
    • Where can I obtain information about transport statistics in Cadiz
    • Where can I find Cadiz transport authority plans
    • Are people/children offered cycle training and encouragement to cycle?
    • Are people discouraged to drive/motorcycle?
    • What data is there on pollution including noise pollution?
    • Are there cycle couriers in Cadiz?

    I met a couple of people.
    Mayte, rents cycles and is really really keen to help the city become less motorised and more cycle friendly. Happy to work towards this. (If you get to Cadiz, pop into Mayte's place to hire a bike http://www.urbanbikecadiz.es/en/

    Frisco who is a graphic designer and carries his child from the new town to the market in a dutch child carrying bike. He thinks that Cadiz should change to becoming a bike town.

    Selse is a bike recycling man who fixes broken bikes then sells them. He wants to open a shop to do this. He said that the local authority is planning to make more cycle infrastructure.

    I have some ideas
    • Deliveries by cargo bikes either offered by private business or by the local authority
    • Active travel promotion and cycle training in schools
    • Plans to close off more of the town to private cars
    • More and better bike parking. (Could some of the underground carparks be for local people to park bicycles?
    • Helping people get around with rickshaws and other cycles (like this
    • Could motorbike deliveries be transferred to bicycles like deloveroo. Though this could be done by a local business instead of Deliveroo

    Cadiz is such an amazing place a would be even more amazing with more bicycle culture and less car culture.

    I plan to keep in touch with Mayte and others and see what lessons from London would work in Cadiz

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    Yes it could be considered as bikeability + module 'ride' though its unlikely funded by DfT through B= funding

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    Saw your PM. Good detail. yes wait for a response before contacting Bikeability.
    Just be aware that since the job isn't exactly bikeability then they may not be able to address the issue.

    Another option is to email the council with your concern. You are not an employee of that ITO but a freelancer so should be in a position to share your concerns that may affect them