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    I've got some producer/journalist contacts on the programme I can share if you like.

    If you're feeling kind enough to point any that are friends at this thread that would be lovely. Alternatively slide into my DMs and share contacts and context (who am I emailing?) and I'll contact them :)

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    Get the media involved. Guardian or Observer money columns would be a good start

    Just emailed them.

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    Personal loan agreement, so I own the car.

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    I can verify over 10k per day, but super aggressive caching means the number is higher

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    Just messaged Claudio Gienal via LinkedIn with full details of the claim and the overview, he is the AXA CEO.

    Just FYI, but you can help with this one

    I'm a customer, and am experiencing a hellish claim for which I've now gone public on my own website https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3329­70/

    Gist is: I bought a brand new car last Summer, in October it was damaged by a known 3rd party... since then AXA have had the car and I've not received a settlement, a replacement, a courtesy car, an ETA, progress reports, and in fact when I've enquired nothing has been done at all, no work has started.

    A £60k brand new car that I have not seen for more than 6 months.

    No-one at AXA should feel proud of the service you offer when that is the story it tells.

    Claim No: REDACTED - Policy Number: REDACTED - Reg: HJ18ZBZ

    I'm pretty sure you could email just 1 person and start actual steps towards a full and assertive resolution.

    Here is hoping that this message makes a difference,


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    This thread will be deleted only upon successful resolution of the claim... which is when I have possession of my car in a repaired state or a replacement Volvo S90.

    I've just let Axa know this exists.

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    Reserved for more logs