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    Not a bad shout for a long term solution.

    Will still put in place this temporary thing for the time being. The evening's are closing in fast, I'd like some lighting.

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    A single battery pack actually has two cables and can power both lights and is fairly small. This will be either under the stem or on one of the arms (computer mount arm behind the camera, or the extender arm).

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    The Enve GRD carbon forks have nowhere for anything to be mounted, and are not drilled.

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    Still got to get lights on there. If you handlebar mount the lights, the lights are above the bars and the computer will be catch all of the light... making it unreadable and casting a huge shadow in front of the bike.

    Hence moving the lights to below the computer, to either side of where the camera is mounted, and slightly ahead of the bars.

    There's no pretty way to mount computer + lights + camera... but tidying it all into a sane cockpit that provides a lot of functionality and keeps the bars clear does make the most sense.

    An ASCII drawing of the front face-on would be:

       ====      <- Computer
        \/       <- Computer mount
      O [] O     <- Light, Camera, Light
      ------     <- Extender bar

    This doesn't extend above the top of the bars, nor intrude into either of the spaces around the drops. Seems fairly tidy.

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    Yeah, Di2 battery drain is hard to measure, it uses so little battery anyway.

    The Wahoo Elemnt was super easy to observe. I lost 20% of battery within 1 hour with the Di2 paired (but not even used), and only 8% in an hour with the Di2 pairing removed from the device. Measured over 2 journeys on the same route at a similar time of day.

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    On Wahoo + Di2 battery when linked.

    No drain on the Di2 at all.
    Almost double drain rate on the Wahoo.

    So @coldharbour you were spot on. The Wahoo drain rate is significantly higher when paired with the Di2. I imagine they're using a horribly inefficient fast poll because of the ANT+ integration, when they could've opted for Bluetooth LE and chosen to just listen. The difference is huge, and it is noticeable on Wahoo battery life.

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    I have a pair of Lumicycle APEX.


    Typically I run with a single light once I'm riding into/past sunset. Though in deep Winter I'll run both.

    I also mount a GoPro Session.

    The K-Edge mounts are the best and could do the computer plus camera, but their support for Wahoo is dropping off and so I'm very hesitant to buy that.

    Presently using the provided plastic Wahoo mount, and plan to mount the lights and camera on the extender below the computer.