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    Hah... Cloudflare having some trouble.

    Not a surprise, no-one maintains Railgun. I should disable it.

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    Bikmo has 2 bikes for total of £5k down at £21 per month.

    I think I'm concluding they are both in the same ballpark, but one is predictable throughout the year and the other has the potential to be cheaper but also the potential to be more expensive.

    What I'm really learning is I should have cheaper bicycles.

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    I'm also aware I'm doing calculations from a marketing image!

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    I'm the only person who swaps the date format to ISO :D

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    Just tried Laka for a quote...

    Comes out the same ballpark as Bikmo, and with a strange pricing that is comparable "Usually" but has a "Max" price that is £40 greater per month than Bikmo.

    I already thought Bikmo was pricey!

    Edit: Found the pricing explanation for Laka... they vary pricing per month according to the prior month claims. I don't buy their 25% cheaper argument as it was comparable to Bikmo at their Usually level (off-season) and the Max was way more expensive peak season. If the image is based on actual premiums for someone for a road bike, then my quick calculation would put it 20% more expensive than Bikmo over the course of a year... if it followed that pattern.

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    Ok greater - but for the same reasons ?

    I think car drivers will now realise what inexperienced and anti-social road users really look like, such that they'll appreciate cyclists may be numerous but that by and large cyclists weren't a threat to their paint work or insurance liability.

    For perspective, my new car has the pedestrian / cyclist detection and warning systems and hasn't once triggered for a cyclist or ped, but in the 1 month of ownership and only weekend driving around South London, it's triggered twice for e-scooters swooping onto the main carriageway from side roads without slowing. I'm glad for the warnings, I'd spotted both in any case... but the level of alertness that drivers will now have to exercise will make driving that fractionally more of a chore and stressful thing.

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    Do any of the bike specific insurances allow you to be insured on "whatever bike you're currently riding" (up to a fixed cost) ?

    That is Bikmo.

    Insurance for bikes in the home, and then for a max value for bikes in use outside the home.

    It doesn't work for me only because the Seven is a bit bling.