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    And damn, that is a really nice build. Nice commuter bike ;)

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    I see your embedded photo.

    Do you have an adblock privacy thing set so aggressively that it blocks photos from Twitter?

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    On your notifications settings page: https://www.lfgss.com/updates/settings/

    • When a comment has been posted in an item you are watching
    • When a comment of yours is replied to
    • When you are @mentioned in a comment
    • When you receive a new comment in a private message
    • When an attendee added to an event you are watching
    • When a vote is cast in a poll you are watching
    • When an event you are attending is imminent
    • When a new item is created in a microcosm you are watching
    • When a new user is created (new sign-in from unrecognised email) and you are watching the People page

    Only notifications about that one bolded and italicised item will be pruned.

    Which means; if you follow a whole forum and you get notifications about new conversations and events in that forum... those will get pruned after 1 month.

    But... if during that month you commented on a conversation, replied to someone else, followed the conversation... those never get pruned.

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    How are you finding the af speed?

    Fast enough speed, but what it focuses on isn't always easy to get the same degree of control over.

    i.e. on A and P modes I've gone for spot-centred and I hold and shift the framing to achieve the composition. This is super fast focusing but obviously takes a moment to re-frame the shot once focused.

    On Auto I've left it to decide whether it wants to use continuous AF or not, doing so means if I leave the camera on Auto there's a good chance I can turn it on and get a shot off damn fast. But... sometimes it will choose a different part of the frame to be in focus than the one I want. So in those circumstances I lose the good shot.

    But then, when I left it on spot AF under my control I nearly always lost the shot because this was a quick reaction thing and I didn't have the time to get the composition I want.

    The choice for "shit's happening, turn on and get the shot" seems to be "AF picks the wrong subject vs you decide AF but may lose the desired composition".

    This is the only time I would wish for a touchscreen. The lack of that for this one scenario is telling.

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    Yeah, quite the difference :)