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    Any body know of a site like this one for Australia?
    Wanting to sell to my special F Moser bike but seems complicated selling overseas

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    Hi All,
    Like many, i'm trying to find some more info on this, in order to sell it.
    Spent 2 years looking for a bike when i bought this one, yet can't remember how i found it or what info i had on it, other than th below:
    *Shimano ultegra 600 group set. This was the top of the range for its kind when it was built in the 1990s.
    *Super rare Dedacciai frame. These were hand built in Italy and it has a unique tubing structure on the top frame (the 'bubble' like tubing).
    *The rear wheel is a Mavic open pro - this is also top of the range for its time.
    *Incredibly light aluminium frame with Carbon forks.