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    When you say "That's not the Thames. That's the canal".

    okay I see what you mean


    I see now camden town and the river thames

    I found this route, looks good 'cos it matches / matches closely what you said re city mapper

    You mention "Just get the city mapper app and plot your route to the ‘quiet’ option"


    And I see there are also some quiet routes that in parts are near the thames, going from and to locations along the thames eg westminster station to south end on sea.


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    to jono- I see, thanks. So the thing showed by google for camden to thames was showing from camden to the gloustershire end of the thames, and the thames continues to southend on sea.

    to backstop, when you say "south from camden in a straight line",

    I see on that map, camden road, camden town, and the thames river.

    It looks like a short distance between camden (e.g. camden road or camden town), and the thames river.

    Judging by this map

    the distance from camden road or camden town to the thames river is less than 2 minutes.

    so i'm not sure what you are referring to

    You write that "You could make it from Camden to the Thames on mostly segregated tracks and back would make it 10 miles or so"

    Average cycling speed is apparently about 13mph so 10 miles would be (10/13)*60 = about 45min

    Is it possible to show on a map what route you are talking about?

    Were you considering if i'm starting cycling somewhere far north of camden road station?

    I'm wondering if you had in mind

    cycling 45min down the A400

    If so, wouldn't that be starting far north of camden.. Like I know a guy that cycled from Burnt Oak tube station or Edgware tube station to Camden in about 30min-40min. That's starting far outside camden.

    So i'm a bit puzzled as to what route you are referring to?

    You're saying "Camden has a some longer distance connected tracks in North London" and " Camden to the Thames on mostly segregated tracks and back would make it 10 miles or so" and "go south from Camden in a straight line"

    i'm confused.


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    Thanks..I will consider a park some time..

    Regarding camden to the river thames i'm a bit confused looking at the map that came up when I googled camden town to river thames

    'cos it shows the river thames as both a single point, and as a long river

    Why is that?


    Is the circle on the left one end of the river thames?

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    I'm a bit low intelligence when it comes to knowing my way around.. and a very inexperienced cyclist, so please bear that in mind

    I'm thinking of going out cycling(for a bit of exercise), and I am about 30min from camden town.. I heard that safer than driving into camden town, would be to put the bicycle in or on the roof of my car and drive into camden town, park somewhere there, then take the bicycle to the cycling route, and cycle from there.

    I'm wondering where in camden town is a really good cycling route, in the sense of, road with cycling lane marked on and lots of space, so roads great for cycling, and is it marked out on a map?