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    I'm leaving the world of tubeless and looking to get some slightly thinner tyres - show me what you've got in the realm of Panaracer Gravelking Semi Slicks. I'm also in the market for some inner tubes, if anyone has some kicking about, but obviously they'll be easier to source. Thanks!

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    I think if you change the brakes and use the same rims on the other wheels then swapping would be ok.

    Thanks. Can you recommend any brakes?

    Would you be running the same gearing though? Might be a bit counter productive to do so but moving the wheel back and forth for different gearing would/could necessitate moving the pads.

    Figuring out the gearing is on my to-do list. I wasn't envisioning swapping out the wheelset frequently, but ideally I would keep the gearing the same.

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    Concur with Tijs, second wheelset is a ballache particularly with cantis. I run the same brakes on a Cinelli Mash Work and if you even glance at them the wrong way they'll go out of whack and start shrieking like mad or just be totally useless. Great brakes if set up perfectly, swapping wheels in and out will throw them off kilter and fuck you off no end.

    Appreciate this. I'll also find that thread about gear ratios.

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    OK, thanks.

    Impractical because it would require more than changing out the wheelset, or just unnecessary?

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    Hey all -

    I've finally got my hands on a Cinelli Mash CXSS frame in my size and was hoping to dip into the LFGSS community well of knowledge for some guidance on the rebuild. Ideally, I'll have the bike set up so that I can swap out the wheelset depending on if I'm in the city or out on the trails, which I'm hoping is viable. So, any suggestions on upgrades in either cyclocross/city mode? I have a wheelset pending (Shimano Dura-Ace Low Flange Hubs/Sapim Spokes/Mavic Open Pro CD rims) that I'm hoping to use for city cruising, either fixed or ss.

    This is the current build:

    Frame: Cinelli Mash CXSS (56cm)
    Wheelset: Halo Evoura wheels with flip flop hub
    Hub: Halo Clickster 18T freewheel
    Tyres: Schwalbe G-One Allround 40mm tubeless tyres (with an additional set of DT Swiss 460 rims laced to Miche Primato hubs, Sturmey Archer 20T freewheel)
    BB: Sram GXP
    Crankset: 38T Superstar Components oval chain ring on Sram Rival cranks
    Seatpost: Cinelli Vai
    Seat: San Marco Era
    Stem: Ritchey (?)
    Bars: Deda RHM 01
    Brake levers: Sram
    Brakes: Avid Shorty Ultimate Cantilever

    First-time poster, so apologies if anything is out of order.