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    Many thanks!

    I also found information on the trapadvisor that the easiest way to calculate is like this:
    1 person will spend an average of 100 euros per day.

    It just coincides with the amount that we counting. We are counting on 800 euros for 4 days. Is it a lot or is it enough?

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    My wife and I are just now planning a vacation to Spain. We want to go there either at the end of August or already in the autumn.
    Please, share the contacts of the guides who helped you in this trip.
    Tell me, please, what places are worth visiting in Girona? What viewing spots and sights are there? I have already added the main attractions such as fortress walls and churches to the list. I love shooting the city and sights with a drone because it makes them more beautiful, but not all of them are worth shooting from a bird's eye view.

    And also how much money on average can be spent on such a 4-5 day trip?

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    Why buy a custom bike? After all, there are a lot of cool bikes that initially look beautiful. Take for example the Schwinn company, they have a lot of cool aluminum bikes (as for me). Maybe I haven't reached the level of riding that you are, which is why I'm discounting the value of custom bikes.