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    Thanks to everyone who came down. It was a really special day for me.

    Hopefully the start of more events.

    Would have loved to have been mingling with everyone just have the chance with commentating and many other elements. Need to learn how to delegate!

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    I've got cross tubs at 33mm, it is usually the rigour for grass track. Schwalbe do cx clincher at 30mm which is popular if you have the clearance. It is almost a case of whatever you can fit.

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    Me and my Dad's now 44 year old Roberts still racing today!

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    Hi all, thanks for the support so far, it has really warmed my little heart!

    We will have a few 'give it a go' events while the main days racing breaks to collate results as well as an any bike race.

    If you've got little people in your life there will be balance bike events and some fun kids handicap races to give everyone a go. If it doesn't all happen this year it will the next!

    It is all a work in progress and a bit of an experiment, but really hoping to develop it going forward and offer fun for all. I think for me personally just trying to hark back to the days of sport gone by where it simply was another form of entertainment and excuse for a good time!

    Soundsytem booked just need some solid DJs now capable of spinning 45s.

    LFGSS exclusive announcement with beer from Duration Brewing, Pizza from East Coast Pizza and coffee from Greenwave Coffee.

    If anyone would like a poster or a few promo cards get in touch.

    Thanks again