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I told myself I wouldn't develop brainworms.
Why am I here.

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    So I've spent a fair bit of a time as a videographer, and subsequently lost all passion or care for video.

    Also, people keep going "bUt wHy dO yOuR pHoToS lOoK lIkE sHiT" presuming... I can also do photo.

    I've got a Panasonic Lumix g7, base lens and a horrible f1.7 yongnuo 20mm (yep, 20 not 25, ebay find and was good for low light, far distance gig videography)

    I've been thinking of ebaying/selling on MPB the g7 and getting something to learn to take nicer photos, with semi-decent auto, with mediocre video capabilities.

    The Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II seems like an attractive offering - anyone got any recs? probs looking for secondhand market, 400 with an aight lens range idk

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    Good day down at tracklocross yday!

    Went with @Maj and some non-forum friends and got to meet @samrensho in the flesh! Didn't race, still scared shiteless, but maybe one day...

    Also somehow broke my guard (lolz)

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    Oooh this is a shout actually, might be a wee bit tricky with the absolutely HUGE tyres + guards I've got on.

    I nabbed some Trans X security skewers which are relatively basic (just a 5 sided hex key), but they inspire enough confidence to worry a bit less about thieves really.

    I've been thinking of getting a second D lock, but might wait to get something that's angle grinder proof - nice lil present to myself at some point.

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    They're /VERY/ well loved. Despite having 2billion worms to figure out in the process (open face plate quill stem!?!, phone mount configurations!?!), they're an absolute delight.

    Now I'm down to 1 (ONE!) bike, they're the perfect mix of on-road commuter comfort, while still being just flat enough to wrangle off road. Thanks so much <3 they're killer.

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    Killer bike - whoever gets it will have a grand old time <3

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    As the title suggests:

    A pair of Muddyfox Bib Shorts in a size small. Not used apart to try on (my dumptruck won't fit em). Nothing special, just a pair of shorts with a padded nappy.

    I'm based in Haringey N15, near Turnpike Lane station. Can maybe post at cost, if you don't mind me taking a //lil bit of time// as getting myself to leave the house can be an ordeal. lol.

    Will also be at thundercross Sunday B)

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    It's a sunrace friction shifter. Indexing was not a nice experience before, and I've loved previous downtube shifters - works like a treat and leaves a lot of compatability for any future worms down the line!

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    Complete with, hopefully a couple days shopping aboard :D