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    Ps @jdsnape if you are going further West than Rennes try and stop at Paimpont, you can get a gallette saucisse and go for a swim in the lake.

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    Thanks for the tips will check out the municipal campsites. I was looking for a way to get back to London mainly overland, i do agree and prefer Brittany to Normandy in general and also the Brittany ferries boat is great but looking to go somewhere a bit different. @jdsnape - i have put a couple of routes I have done from Rennes to St Malo - one more on roads and one canal path to Dinard - both are good!

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    Staying with relatives in Rennes then have about 4 or 5 days to get back to London, was thinking just to turn up to Calais and get a ferry to Dover. I've been on the canal path from Rennes to St Malo before which was really nice but have never been to Normandy or further NE towards Calais on a bike. Thinking some part of these routes on Opencycle map??

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    Thinking of doing a ride from Rennes in France to London at the start of August this year. Any tips of routes, places to stay, stop? Also not sure about camping or staying in hotels, have some bikepacking bags and panniers but not sure what experienced tourers would recommend? Any tips appreciated :)