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I live in east london and commuted rain or shine until The Event™. Now I just ride for fun and to burn off the beer calories.

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    I’m er not sure of the etiquette around that .. is it done? :)

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    And sold. I’m sad to see it go. Thanks everyone for the bumps.

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    Bloody bollocks, they're not 4 seasons wheels, they're mason x hunt adventure. Pillock. Sorry!

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    Bought in mid 2019, much loved. It's got over 10,000 miles on the clock, but I've maintained it regularly and it had a full strip-down service at Frankenbike in January, so it's still in great nick.

    The frame geometry is below. It'd suit someone between 5'9" and 6'0". If you're at the top end of that scale like me, it feels a little small and that makes it very lively and fun. If you're smaller, it'll fit better and be great for long comfy rides.

    It's got plenty of bottle and mudguard mounts, and you can pop down to Enigma's workshop in Hailsham where the bike was built and they'll refinish or paint it for you if you've got the inclination and the money, but I think it looks great as it is, loads of character. Highlights:

    1. Shimano 105 R7020 series (hydraulic brake) groupset & shifters. 34/50 and 175mm cranks
    2. Ultegra RX800 rear derailleur (it's got a clutch like the newer GRX stuff), newish R7000 front derailleur
    3. C-six 31.6mm carbon seatpost & Enigma ellipse saddle, Enigma 6061 44cm drop bars.
    4. Front and rear thru-axles (12x100 & 12x142)
    5. (New in January) C-Six gravel carbon adventure fork with cargo/bottle cage mounts
    6. Mason x Hunt adventure 650b alloy wheels, set up tubeless with Vittoria Saguaro 2" tyres and an 11-34 cassette
    7. Nukeproof horizon flat pedals. Your feet will not slip off these, but they will savage your shins you if you walk too close.

    This is a seriously lovely bike with a frame that'll last a lifetime – Enigma sell the frameset & fork for £2.4k and new builds start at £4k.

    I'm looking for £1750 or reasonable offers. I'd rather sell it all in one go than in bits. I'll tack on some spares if you meet the asking price: some new tyres, a new R7000 11-34 cassette, SKS X3 mudguard, and a pair of new Shimano brake pads.

    I also have a 700c Fulcrum 3 DB wheelset that goes well with this bike, but I reckon this setup is much more fun (and the rotors on the fulcrums are contaminated, so binworthy unless you want to try sanding them down). If you'd prefer to have that instead, or buy both, let me know, else I'll sell whatever's leftover later.