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    Recent picture of Hennie Kuiper with what I'm assuming is the Gazelle he won the 1975 World Champs Road Race on.

    Someone should reroute that front brake cable over the stem!

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    Oh man I forgot I used to set my bar end shifter up like that. Thanks for noticing. I think it makes sense for a righty. 10 speed friction shifting meant I sometimes had to spend an extra second with my hand down there getting things lined up properly. And when my stem is so twitchy short I wasn't so comfortable removing my dominant hand from the bars for long..

    Also get some nice headtube cable crosses if you also run your rear brake at the left.

    I think there's space for another pioneer not unlike Hulsroy to create a similar thread for cable routing. I accepted horrendous braking at the front for a few months just so I could use these Weinmann calipers that have the cable housing on the opposite side to usual. I think Shimano 600 Arabesque is made the same way.

    Back to real business with the BDHU though.

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    I despise the bastards too. But they're so comfortable compared to older brake levers.

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    Thanks, I'll do just that. I'm thinking about covering the chips in black nail polish (or clear nail polish if I find it will protect as well as black) after the phosphoric treatment. I'm fine with my frame having the odd imperfection and think I'd make a bigger mess if I try to make such a large area of touch up "seamless" by trying to colour match the green.

    Thank you for the advice.

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    This is seriously important work being done here. Cavendish's set-up was really ugly.

    Here is my Specialized about 3 years ago. I have no right to complain about Cavendish.

    Here is my Gazelle about 18 months ago (green bar tape).

    Here is my Gazelle a couple weeks ago.

    I feel like I may be moving in the right direction but I think I have much to learn. Have my hoods gone too far down between the green and black bar tape..?

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    Thought correctly... So nice! Race number hanger makes me jealous.

    I don't know if Gazelle themselves designed the TVM paint scheme or got involved at all in the design but it's quite rare you see a Gazelle with a terrible paint design. They always seem to nail it. Even during the later years when lots of bike frames got far too busy with graphics Gazelle didn't come out too badly. TVM frames are no exception. I'm disappointed I didn't buy the 100 year anniversary frame that was on eBay for ages, with the similar TVM paint.

    Do you know the production year (is it a model AA?) of your frame and the max tyre width?

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    Hi everyone,

    Apologies I couldn't find a more suitable topic for my question and didn't want to create one.

    Is anyone aware of a 110bcd 5 bolt narrow wide chainring (40-44 teeth) that is sold in silver? I've only been able to find black and various colours.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've had this frame hung up in my dry but cold, windy garage for more or less 18 months. Before I hung it up I applied a little carnauba wax to those two spots on the top tube that are entirely missing paint. To my surprise I don't think the areas have shown any rust, luckily I guess. Maybe around the edges has gotten a little darker.

    What should I do to ensure my frame is somewhat protected now that it is getting ridden outside almost every single day (although only in the wet when I get caught out)?

    I really hate the uneven bumpy feeling/look you can get from touch-up paint or nail polish. Will regularly waxing the area continue to protect my frame or is that not enough now that it's being used regularly? Do I just need to accept that throwing a little paint on top of the steel is the safest option?

    The inside of the tubes is rust free having had a good look down them with a torch, the vast majority of the paint is in great condition. I think the steel must have been well treated in the factory all those years ago.

    Thanks for your help.

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    TVM frame above this post is beautiful.

    Got knocked from behind by a car maybe 18 months ago more or less and sort of lost interest in cycling. Ended up selling almost all my parts and all my bikes/frames. Got talked into not selling my Gazelle frame at the last moment as I'd always wanted one and glad I didn't as I'm in serious need of some cardio exercise. So I rebuilt my frameset with a mix of eBay bargains and overpriced (but lovely) Nitto parts.

    1981 Gazelle AB frame & fork in berylgroen.

    Can't remember BB & headset but I remember them being fairly light, with sealed bearings.

    Nitto bars, stem and post, Fizik saddle.

    Shimano 1055/6 hubs, shifters and derailleurs.

    Stronglight chainset with 46/34 rings, 11-30 cheap Shimano cassette (b screw wound all the way in, works fine on this old short cage).

    Tektro brake levers and calipers, this frameset requires modern short reach on the forks and modern mid reach at the back (it's very close to fitting short reach at the back with some filing of the pad slots but I like a little extra adjust-ability).

    Rigida Excel 70 rims with 28mm Panaracer Gravelking tyres (these don't seem as tall as my old Conti GP4000 SII). I think this frame could easily fit 30mm tyres if I feel like it in the future.

    My favourite pedals with toe cages.

    Came out around 9.7kg. When I used to run this frame with a 1x set-up it was under 9.5kg. But I think aesthetically these old racing frames suit double chainrings much more.