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    Thanks - I ended up not being referred and was instead asked if I was depressed/anxious. Will be going back and chasing a referral. However, I do wonder how much of our recovery is going to have to be self directed. Glad you're finally getting some appointments and sorry to hear you had to jump through so many hoops with GP's.

    The Ben Coomber blog linked by @recycled has some good information in it. Specifically the bits about relaxing your nervous system. I'm finding that pretty helpful too.

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    Had a chance to mock up some bits on the Orange this week. Got the frame, swapped the forks over from the frame that had a hole in it and managed to re-use the original STX headset. It seems Orange went from 1 Inch threded to 1 Inch threadless in the years between my old and new frames, but it all worked fine thankfully.

    Got a used Kona stem and some Spank bars from Wiggle with a 60mm rise which works out great. I'm 6ft so was worried a 19in frame would be to small but getting the bars set up confirms it's all good! Stuck a bit of chopped 1 1/8 fork steerer under the quill adapter to even out the look of it.

    Frame has some nice details including two sets of bottle cage mounts and rivnuts on the underside of the downtube (origionally for mounting a crud-catcher I think). Will need to think of something to mount here - could be a fun place to put a pump!

    Figuring out drivetrain next. Think Single Speed would be fun, but maybe 1x10/11 makes most sense?

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    SOO yeah I bought another orange P7 frame on eBay. Sent an offer to the seller (which I was convinced would not be accepted) and had that heart sinking "seller has accepted your offer" notification..

    In true LFGSS fashion I have lovingly curated this moodboard including some forum favourite bikes of mine as #inspo

    So far I've ordered some Spank riser bars and a Raceface Narrowwide chainring.

    Need: Everything else

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    Alright, so small issue with the Orange P7 pictured earlier. I was (lovingly) taking it apart to begin its resurrection and discovered a rust hole on the underside of the chainstay (conveniently covered by a well placed Muc Off sticker). Not something I'd really be confident riding.

    I contacted a couple of frame repairers/builders and got a very lovely and detailed response from @M_V which included a rough cost to replace the chainstays. I was ready to ask kindly if he'd take it on, but unfortunately both Bottom bracket and Seatpost are extremely stuck, so the frame is currently in my cupboard.

    If anyone wants it, drop me a message. Happy to donate it to someone who'd cut it up and make it into something more.

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    Honda Jazz is such an ideal car. Bonus points if it’s got the CVT auto gearbox with the shift buttons on the steering wheel.

    Best of luck with the build - plans looks fantastic!

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    Same reason my E46 went to the breaker, was not worth fixing. M52B28 is fantastic!

    Excited to see those door cards mounted! Having two cars, one for practical/daily use and one for enjoyment seems to be the way to go, just a little hard to justify with on street parking and no garage!

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    Dibs the Cane Creek SCR-5C levers if you can send me a couple of pics !