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    Hi Silly_Savage, thanks for taking the time to read up on the proposals. I'd like to clarify a few points just to set the record straight. The council have no plans at at present to sell off the land, however, in order to claim track land for the school they must break a century old covenant which gave the Maindy site to the people of Cardiff in perpetuity. My understanding is that once the covenant is lifted the council will be free to sell any of the land - I would gladly be informed otherwise. The proposed replacement track is a 333m, as opposed to maindy's 460. The banking at Maindy is 25°, perfect for beginners. 333m tracks are usually 32.5-40°, though we have been assured by Welsh Cycling the banking at the new track will be "the same or slightly steeper than Maindy" but that it will be suitable for all experience levels. I hope they're right! Cardiff council have been very careful to make no guarantees about the continuation of track provision in their correspondence. This is the same council who presided over a 10 year gap between The Empire Pool demolition and it's replacement down in the bay. I would personally like there to be no relocation of cycling facilities as Maindy serves everyone's needs already. Maindy flyers have said they have "outgrown the facility" but how does moving to a smaller track help with that?? Geraint Thomas said when visiting the track in 2019 "they've got a great setup here". Something doesn't add up. The council could use a fraction of the money currently earmarked for the new track to improve the facilities at Maindy, which the school and the community could then make better use of e.g. MUGAs, and a running track. The track area and central field cannot be developed on so unless the school can find some other piece of land to build on they will have very little space for the school buildings, track or no. For more info, I have attached our briefing to local cycling clubs. Happy to discuss further. Ant