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PedalCell is the power source that keeps your devices charged while riding. Spend less time waiting to charge-up and more time adventuring on your bike. http://www.pedalcell.com

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    Great questions.

    talking about your camera kit so skipped though the video a bit so maybe you covered this but what is the power output?

    That video was made by one of our customers. The peak power output is 15-20W. You can see our full power graph below or at this link: pedalcell.com/data

    The Velogical only put out 1.5w which is less than a lot of hubs.

    Velogical does make a more powerful version, though there are a few advantages PedalCell has over Velogical:

    1. PedalCell is tested to work in mud/grime off-road. Velogical has not
      (seen in earlier video post)
    2. PedalCell has 2X the power output and 1/2 the drag per watt compared to Velogical's top model (comparison)
    3. PedalCell is noticeably quieter (our customer video vs theirs

    4. PedalCell includes one mount that offers near-universal install (Velogical requires a dozen different mounts depending on the bike design)
    5. PedalCell is less expensive ($299.99 USD vs $370 USD)

    I also see the bit about you putting sport tape on the fork leg for extra friction, why not just make a clamp that works properly?

    Again, this was a customer's video, not ours. To our knowledge, they added the tape as a proactive measure. While the tape certainly won't hurt, the clamp is 100% designed to work without tape. See our install instructions here.

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    Hi! My name is Adam Hokin, and I'm one of the inventors of PedalCell, a bicycle power source that keeps your essential USB devices charged while adventuring on your bike. We've had reviews on a few sites (road.cc, CyclingAbout.com)
    Silk Road racer video

    We get quite a few questions about our product, so I decided to create this thread as an open Q&A for anything related to PedalCell! I would love to answer any of your questions.