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    Hot Mess (Ziemek, Jakub, Chukker)
    Mandem (Saul, Louie, Adam)
    Luxury Dingle (Callum/Matt, Tom/Lucy)
    MMA (max, Matt, Ali)
    Big Boys (Lex, Mya, Jess)
    Buzz Kill (Tony, Jono, Cam)
    The Double Crossers (Trimm, Liv, Lore)
    Tutus (Danny, Danny, JH)

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    Psyched! This time last year I was playing ping pong next door to a bike polo game and couldn't stop watching the game. I got invited over to have a go, swapped my ping-pong bat for a bike and mallet and got totally hooked. One year on, I'm still hooked.
    Come down, have a whack !