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    Undibs, apologies- I have no idea why @yeahdext dibs this for me.

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    And yes, obviously.

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    Like it or not, this is how I make enough money to even participate in this sport and it heavily subsidizes my income to allow me to get by. You might see it as price gouging, but i post honest and frank descriptions of the bikes i buy and sell and sell them to people who reach out with genuine enquiries. This appears to have ruffled a lot of feathers, which I'm sorry for - but frankly, buying and selling used bikes is something I've been doing for a long time and i can tell you that i am by no means the worst culprit on here or any other market place.

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    Sold. For full ask.

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    Appreciate the comments, @TotalShanner @yeahdext. I did envisage some dinging given the meme quality of any Sprint listing nowadays… I guess I should roll with the punches a little.

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    Sales tend to equal donations to the forum, so i would say its a more respectable use of the forum platform than just needless negging a post in an unconstructive manner. I wouldn't be selling this if I didn't need to.

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    If you have an offer to make or a question to ask, crack on fellas! Otherwise, can I ask you to drop the hate...not really in the spirit of the forum.

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    2019 Specialized Allez Sprint 56cm with Shimano Dura Ace 9000.

    The bike was purchased second hand and does show the odd scratch and scuff- but the brushed aluminium finish helps hide this well. There is a very small amount of play in the BB, which is probably due a replacement - but it’s silent and is unnoticeable when riding. Everything else is mechanically sound and has been looked after. I’ve highlighted the worst of the marks in the photos. To note - the bike will be sold with a Fizik Antares and will not have Garmin mount, cages & pedals.

    Frameset: Specialized Allez Sprint 56CM (SWORKS Seatpost & Fork)
    Shifters: Ultegra 6800
    Chainset: DA9000 52/36 172.5
    Cassette: Ultegra R8000 11-28
    Front Derailleur: DA9000
    Rear Derailleur: DA9000
    Chain: KMC X11SL Gold
    Brakes: DA9000 w/Swisstop FlashPro Pads
    Wheelset: Fulcrum Racing 7
    Stem: Pro Vibe SL 110mm
    Handlebars: Pro Vibe Alloy Aero 42cm

    Asking £1625 OBO
    Collection only from Putney, London.