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looking for a potential cx/monstercross/adventure/gravel frame

from Estonia

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    What is the safest and strongest solution for fixing my rear wheel in a horizontal dropout?

    I have an Omnium CXC frame that I'm slowly building up. To get some more clearance, I decided to install chain tugs (without actually tugging, more like acting as a spacer) but now my Mavic QR (163-164 mm axle length) is not long enough.

    Should I get:
    A different QR (thinking about Shimano XT M8000 with 173 mm axle)


    bolt-on skewers? (Omnium also has some: https://omniumcargo.dk/shop/product/qr-a­xles/)

    I think the front wheel should be fine with the Mavic QR


    Dropout without the QR:

    Dropout with the short QR axle:

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    Looking for Nitto Bullmoose with the 1" integrated stem, silver.

    Not looking for a vintage, rare or collector version. An used and functional will do.

    Preferably located in the EU (or anyone knows a bike shop in EU that has it in stock?)

    Used from the UK would also be fine (I know Planet X has some in stock but since they're new, the Brexit tax of 20% would be added to the total price...).

    Seller should be willing to ship. If seller is from the UK then transport only within UK is needed (I have an UK address).

    Thanks and all tips where to get the handlebar are warmly welcome.

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    hey! as the title says... main requirements for the frame are:

    frame size 58-61 cm hybrid/road / 22" mtb or bigger
    bosses for canti brakes and mudguards preferred

    no actual preference in brand (Trek, Giant, Koga Miyata, Raleigh, Dawes, Fuji etc etc) but preferring anything better than hi-ten

    seller should be most probably willing to ship because I'm located in Estonia - if sent from the UK I know how to do all the customs etc so no need to worry

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    Hey! Where did you get the new decals? Anyone in Russia making them and maybe willing to post?

    I've got a XB3 Rekord frame just laying around that I used to ride couple of years ago and I'm wondering if I should just sell it or get it repainted and sell it then...

    The paint on the frame is quite worn. Last I remember it was about 4/10 but its original from 1986.

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    Hey! Happy to meet a fellow neighbour on this side of the Internet.

    Based on the pictures I can see on my phone's small screen I'd say you have turned it into a real gem! I love it!

    Frankly the price is a bit steep for my budget and I've got to think a bit and take time to look at this beauty from a larger screen when I get home ;)

    Just to mention - I've already gathered a gruppo for my future project and I'm primarily looking for a project I can use it on.

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    Hey guys! Trying to write it as short as possible:

    I am looking for a steel frame that I can build my all terrain bikepacking/commuting rig on.

    My main requirements for the frame are:
    fits a 6'1" guy
    cantilever brake readiness
    will take a 700c wheel (the wider the tire the better)

    At the moment I've only kept my eye on possible hybrid bikes from the 90s (hybrid bikes from Koga Miyata, Trek, Giant etc), but there seem to be no possible steel frame candidates around me whether it's from the 90s or later.

    I'd like to build up something like for instance Soma Wolverine or similar.

    I think my budget can vary widely depending on what's offered and what comes with it (if it's just a frameset or a complete bike), but I guess I'm not looking for anything too fancy (otherwise I'd get the Soma frame).

    I'm located in Estonia and willing to provide any help needed to ease the sellers troubles.