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    I just got this Viking frame from ebay for the forks it came with (not the ones pictured) its got really nice Nervex pro lugs, and according to the headbadge its from around 1955 but I can't work out which model it might be on classicvikiningclycles. Both the track master and twenty five from that time have rear mudguard eyelets and/or a drilled rear brake bridge which this frame doesn't? I think that it was originally red but has been repainted - you can still see the OG decals under the paint. Anyone got any ideas?
    It was cheap and is pretty beaten up, originally I was just gonna flip it back on ebay but I'm starting to think it could make a nice winter hack/rat bike

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    Just trying to resurrect this thread. Is there anyone on here still about? I keep seeing a guy on a cannondale track riding up the high st, and a couple (I assume) on a Fuji and Genesis around the Cowley rd. Anyway if you’re Oxford based and up for rides/beers/shit talking make yourself known!

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    I’ve never had a problem with them, ran 28s with no issues. Have you tried the age old technique of running a toothbrush with soapy water around the rim/bead and inflating to get them to sit correctly? Always seems to work for me - sorry if that’s really obvious!?

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    I think I'm falling out of love with my bike.

    I bought it a fair few years ago after saving for what seemed like forever, spent a bit on worthwhile upgrades (hate the word 'mods'), its been on a load of trips both UK and around Europe, had all the usual Triumph related electrical issues and various oil leaks and its seen me through amazing times and some proper shit times.

    However, this is the kicker - its been just sitting in the garage unused for a year now. Obviously Covid has had a massive impact on how much I can use it, but I feel bad not using it and I just don't seem to get excited about it any more.

    Is this normal? Should I sell it and get something different, or am I having some sort of lockdown crisis!

    Anyway, sorry if that was a bit gushing just needed to get it off my chest!

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    Straps/pedals are sold pending payment, @Qebrus I'll give you potential dibs - let me know if they're any use

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    Just found a box of parts I'm looking to sell as I really don't fancy carting boxes of bike stuff from house to house. I'm based in Oxford so unless you're local I'm gonna have to post so I've included shipping on the prices - If I'm WAY out price wise on any of this stuff let me know.

    1.Thomson X4 SOLD

    2.Restrap diagonal straps, SOLD

    3.Turbo Saddle Black Leather, SOLD PENDING PAYMENT

    4.Richey Comp Stem 31.8 clamp, 120mm, 6 degree rise - bit battered as its been in the bottom of the box - £7

    5.Bontrager Stem 31.8 clamp, 80mm, 17 degree rise - as above -£7

    6.Uno stem, 25.4 clamp 60mm, 35 degree rise! - great for a retro mtb/dad bike (thats what it came off) -£7 DIBS @lynx

    7.FWE pedals, SOLD

    8.Sora 8 Speed STI shifters £10 SOLD

    9.Shimano 8 speed cassette - 12/25 - once again, good for a beater - £7 DIBS @lynx

    10.No name front brake caliper, pretty beat up but does work - literally how much it costs to post, say £3

    If you've got any questions hit me up!

    Dibs does my head in, cash is king!

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    I’d also be keen for this if the other sale doesn’t go through, the geo ticks all the boxes for me!

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    Interested in the dhb’s if you are able to post?
    Edit. And they’re still available? Just noticed how old the OP was!