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    If you ever come across that formulae from the Level 2 Track coaching resources from BC I'd be really interested. Thanks for your input.

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    Thanks M_V and Dogs for your input. I'm a cycle coach and run track training sessions and have two heavier riders (100 kg) who claim they need to be going faster than 28-30 KPH to stay on the boards whereas the vast majority of us are quite secure at 28. M_V is right about smooth pedalling keeping you from slipping. With smooth pedalling I can circulate at about 24 kph However the force of gravity pulls harder on heavier objects and I therefore suspect that a higher speed may be required to increase the centripetal force that prevents gravity from pulling the rider down when the weight is increased.

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    I'm wondering if a heavier rider needs to ride at a higher speed to stay on the boards on a 42 degree banked velodrome than a lighter rider.