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    Hi everyone, new to LFGSS.

    Last night my Surly Cross check was taken when I popped into a wine shop on Blackstock road - N4. Was inside for 60 seconds and someone swooped in - we saw him, tried chasing, even hit him with a bottle of wine, but he sped off (with my pannier no-less). The owner of the shop was great and tried chasing after. He's the one who recommended LFGSS.

    It's a dear bike to me, got it in NYC and moved to London with it last year.

    Dark green, black fenders, rear rack. There aren't many Cross Checks around, it has plenty of little distinguishing features. Should I post those?

    Would be immensely grateful to get it back - hell, I'd even give a reward for info or if you spot it to put a lock on it. I'd be able to identify it 100% based on a couple unique features. Any other tips or info to help with tracking a stolen bike are hugely helpful. Definitely learned my lesson.