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    Hey there,

    Am new here, so not entirely sure if this is the sub-forum, but has anyone heard of / is planning to do the Frontier 300 next year? https://frontier300.cc/
    Was just sent this by a friend and looks fun, but was wondering if there are other similar events that are regularly frequented by LFGSS?

    Cheers :)

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    Thanks! Think for now I'll try to get my hands on a full build so I get start using this asap but might get back to you if this doesn't work out.

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    I just moved to London from Vienna and shipping my Puch steel frame seems a bit more complicated than hoped.
    Wondering if anyone has something similar to the one in the attached image lying around that I could buy? Looking for size 59cm or bigger.

    Just want it for the winter really until I find a way to get mine over so doesn't have to be anything fancy and open to other builds or types. Hoping to find something in the range of £150-200 ideally.