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Fairly experienced and extremely keen road and mountain bike rider who has recently got into the single speed game to bomb around Edinburgh trying to make ends meet.

Current rider of:
2021 Giant TCR Adv Pro 0
2016 Giant Defy Adv 1
2017 Genesis Tour de Fer
2018 YT Capra Pro Race 29
2021 Nukeproof Digger Comp
All City Big Block SS

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    Light Bicycle WR45 Carbon rim.

    700 c - 36H - 461 grams - 32mm wide

    Brand new, unused, untaped.

    Can throw in a valve.

    £110 posted from Scotland or pick up from central belt for £100

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    I reset my privacy zone and all but 4 of my KOM's disappeared.

    They are still there when I go look at the individual segments but no in the KOM/CR section. None of them are in the privacy zone.

    I mean its fine but would prefer an easily accessible list.

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    Ive always thought it tough enough but toughtough?.....no.

    Ive got no holes in my bike one, dont know how that would happen, but a hole/cut appeared in my snowboard version, I don't know how.

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    I assume you haven't missed this but ticks most of your boxes aside from the bottle pocket, but the helmet holder would probably work. Maybe too tacticool?

    Ive had mine for years n years, used on MTB but honestly mostly as hand luggage on planes and general travels. I know you said no laptop sleeve but remove the back protector and a MacBook Air fits perfect. More pockets than you can ever need, specific tool section and comes with a rain cover for whens its really pissing.

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    I used to do the job, not for DPD but a few other companies and yes, it certainly was a bit mental time wise and its probably worse now. Just got chucked in a large sprinter van and left to get on with it.

    Invariably I get the most "oh f*ck!" moments from white van men absolutely hoorin' round tight corners, pulling out because they just cannot wait another 2 seconds and generally just being super sketchy.

    Special mention for motorcyclists who should know better buzzing past super fast and super loud.

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    Try the Glasgow city sub section, definitely not Oban but might be Obanish people in there.

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    DPD Drivers.

    Close thread.

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    Not to be a pedant ol' boy but Parkside Street is in the St Leonards part of the city, right along side what was the first every railway station in the city. (One building remains and the "Innocent Railway" that connected to it, is now a very handy cycle path"

    The map is from 1888 to 1913 apparently and No. 16 (Where the grey pin is on the google image) is to the far right of the old map image. The street remains much like it was back then but is now surrounded by lots of newer builds where the station and railways would have been.

    I love all this shit.

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    Good to hear thanks.

    Tiny thing, Shimano website has the chainset at 48/31....

    But yeah thanks for the heads up.