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TW based, building 80s racer

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    PM'd on the Shimano Tiagra shifters

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    I am building a bike for the first time, and I am trying to route the cables. The bottom bracket doesn't have a cable guide, and I cannot see any holes or marks from one being brazed on. The existing cable stops on the frame look like they may have been designed for cable casing to guide the cable round the bottom bracket - see last 2 pics where I added the casing to show what I mean.

    I have never seen this set up before, and I am worried the sharp angle of the casing may stop the cable running freely. Should I just buy a cable guide and stick it to the frame? Or is it OK to use casing to guide the cable under the bottom bracket?

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    I'll DM you about the MKS pedals

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    Thanks for the advice. I will try to get integrated shifters provided they don't look too weird for the bike.

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    This is my first road bike build. I bought the frame, bars, saddle/post off eBay - built in 1980, apparently it is one of the last Carlton Pro Am bikes from the Worksop factory before Raleigh moved production.
    I have since added:
    Campagnolo Daytona crank
    Weinmann 500 brakes
    Suntour VX front and rear mech
    Generic wheels from Taiwan (RD900S)
    SRAM cassette

    Asking for some advice:
    What would be good (and cheap) brake levers to add to this bike? Does anyone make combined gear change/brake levers that look good on an older road bike?
    Same question for the pedals?