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    It's probably a bit pinched at the clamp, try spreading that out a bit.

    Good tip thanks, that worked. Can confirm: 27.2 mm is the correct seat post size.

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    Long-time listener, first time caller.

    I bought that tricolour AA-653 frame. Currently gathering components for the build.

    The frameset was in better condition than the eBay pictures suggested. The bottom bracket was stuck (the splines on plastic cup badly mangled) but I managed to get it out without too much drama thanks to the Pedro's tool "BB Socket Holder II". Other minor issues are one of the dropout adjuster screws is stuck and both ends have sheared off . Also, I've tried a couple of different 27.2 mm seat posts but they simply won't go in so I'm going to try 27.00 instead.

    With help from the friendly guys at LE Went automotive paints in London, it looks like the bright blue metallic paint colour on the bottom part of the frame and forks (baikalblauw, Gazelle colour code 68) is very close to the BMW motorcycle colour "cosmic blue metallic" which will help with dealing with some minor chips and touch-ups.