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    Price drops above

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    I’ve got a 27.2 Campag Daytona seat post that might be of interest?


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    Maybe something in the gel is affecting the tyre as it evaporates?

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    When you’re installing these do you use talcum powder inside the tyre? I find it makes life substantially easier and touch wood I’ve never have a blowout. I use Master 23’s on Open Pro and Neutron Ultra rims, and because I’m built for descending they’re usually around 110-120psi.

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    Thank you, that was quick! Ping me a DM and we'll work out the details

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    Even more photos

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    Hi All,

    Here are some bits and bobs that I have spare after upgrading during Lockdown. It turns out when you're not lamping £3.50 a day at coffee you have more money to spend on bike parts, so these are surplus to requirements. All prices are for collection in the West End, or I can post for £5 on top.

    Brooks C13 Saddle (First run of 259 Limited Edition) - £65 - £60
    I bought this in 2016, and whilst it's super comfortable on the road it was murder on the turbo. I've had one 'off' on it; I was trying to clip in in front of a mate that was new to cycling at the end of my road and scuffed the right side of it (and my dignity). You can see the slight fraying of the canvas in the photo.

    Campagnolo Daytona Seatpost 27.2mm - £60
    Much as I refuse to accept it there's a possibility my frame is a touch too small for me, hence why this seatpost has very little wear above the minimum insertion point. This post will take the carbon rails of the Brooks above, and if it wasn't for the fact I was able to go super-bling with a Record Titanium post I'd still be using it.

    Campagnolo Chorus 8-Speed Ergo Levers - £45 - SOLD
    I've put new hoods on these, so they don't have that slightly odd tacky feel that the older hoods do. I even put new rubber 'nubbins' on the rear of the brake lever so they don't clack against the shift paddle. The shifting action is nice and positive.

    Campagnolo Chorus 102mm Bottom Bracket - £25 - £20
    This has probably done about 2000km, though the bearings are nice and smooth.

    New Campagnolo Athena 11 Speed Front Derailleur (Braze On) - £35 - £25
    I ordered this from Condor as a backup to the used one below, but when I went to Potenza the FD's changed to be the new Super Record type with a longer arm. For some reason it didn't come with a mounting bolt I've got a mounting bolt so it's complete.

    Campagnolo Athena 11 Speed Front Derailleur (Braze On) - £25 - £20
    Probably done about 500km. I prefer this style of FD when compared to the newer ones as they're all silver and look sleeker, but the shifts down were just a little odd when using the Potenza shifters. On the Chorus shifters above they were spot on!

    Let me know if you want any better/higher res images.


    Edit - Price drops

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    You can definitely run an 11-speed cassette on a 9-speed free hub; I’m running one on mine and it runs perfectly.