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    I've got chunks of naval brass if you need any. It has a smaller amount of lead in it (0.5 instead of 2.5%, roughly), and more copper.
    You can use normal brass though, it'll patinate slightly quicker and it isnt quite as tough, but there isn't much in it.

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    Go round and make friends with the picture framers. They supply the galleries etc. Take a sample.
    Then they can do all the fitting, glass and other faff. You just do the metal
    I did some for a bit, but it can be fairly repetitive.
    Nice mitres and filed perfectly flat/square. Frames and aluminium painting panels too.

    If you don't mind cutting glass and making subframes, loads of artists prefer aluminium frames. But I wouldn't want to be handling paper/canvas artworks to be honest, it raises insurance costs too. Haha.

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    I only hear good things about them, and great customer service. My friend just bought one and I'd consider one too if my expensive one ever broke.
    I would also definitely consider going for the AC/DC version for aluminium, you won't regret it and aluminium isn't harder to weld. Otherwise you'll find people asking you to do it in a few months time and won't have the kit.
    Aluminium picture frames are always in demand and are fairly simple to churn out 👍
    If you can go for 180amps or more it'll be worth it, especially for aluminium where it needs the extra punch because it conducts alot away to begin with.

    Otherwise 160 covers most bits and bobs in steel.
    You won't look back, loads of work out there for TIG welders it seems 👊

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    I've gas welded brass before, it was with a fluxer and torch, proper welding with a bead and pooling parent material etc. I do alot of brass tig'ing usually. Thought I'd try it with a torch and it worked really nicely with the gas fluxer going. Ended up with a nice bead around a sphere.
    Would like to try gas welding aluminium though. Not as noisy as tig'ing it!

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    Ps. Just to add, If I can do it, anybody can. Go for it, there's lots of work out there for somebody that can TIG weld properly. It's just tricky to build up the experience without having a patient boss or your own kit.

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    Really the best thing is to grab somebody for 1h tuition at a time, then go away and practice for a couple of days.
    I don't think an intense course is the best way because there is alot to take in and you'll forget when you have the torch in hand.
    Having somebody look over your shoulder at stages is really helpful - keeping the angle of the torch right etc.

    YouTube is handy.
    Avoid social media pics of TIG welds, it just makes you feels shit when you probably aren't 😊

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    Thanks :) Very rusty to be honest!
    This is the next bike I'm working on. I used similar geometry but 3cm shorter, to try a longer stem.
    It was meant to be an upgrade to my London crappy bike that lasted 8 years but was horrible to ride (cheap aluminium frame).
    I didn't really plan the rolled tube, and it's very crude to be honest - I just used a seatstay, so it was only just long enough. I thought about adding some bosses for a rack-kind-of-shelf thing on the back - Like a Moulton. Just need to find the time to make a fork.... hopefully this week.

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    I sprayed my first car when I was 16 or so at my Dads workshop, and tried making money spraying bikes when I left college about 10 years ago.... I sprayed a few bikes for people on here actually. The penguin Classic one for Dammit and a few brightly coloured Spinergy wheels were popular. Painting isn't an easy way to make money if you are aiming for perfection, so I found..... you can loose 5 hours quite easily in small details.....not that perfection exists anyway! I ended up going down the metalwork route instead. Very satisfying to spray a clearcoat though, nothing really beats it!
    Dan at Cole Coatings Workshop kindly cut me some stencils as I made him some shelves. He's the man.

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    I managed to spray and build this up a couple of weeks ago now, but haven't managed to put many miles on it as I've jumped straight onto frame 3 and back to work for customers!
    I put the bloody rack mounts too low and the brake caliper is now a bit close - rookie error that isn't it.
    Anyway, onto the next! I'm currently making something 3cm shorter so I can run a longer stem.
    I've also become a bit obsessed with some of these really old bikes on here: https://onlinebicyclemuseum.co.uk/
    We'll see.

    The next step is a fork, some stems and trying some internal routing. I fancy trying some more descreet seat post clamps too...