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    I have a pair of Dura ace 7700 levers that i'd like to use with mechanical disc brakes - don't know what model yet either HY/RD or Juin tech : are there any compatibility issue between these rather "old" levers and these newer calipers ?


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    I would like to retrofit my 2014/15 rear Frm Venus disc hub from 11sp XD Frm freehub to a 10sp HG.
    They used to be offered in two different versions, and Frm still stock their 10sp HG freehub, but cost about 85€. I'm looking for cheaper, 2nd hand alternatives but don't know what would actually fit. Any idea ?


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    Ahahaha no i definitely won't. And i'm no sponsored rider that have his bike swapped for a new one every half season :)
    Anyway, remember i'm not trying to convince carbon enthusiasts to change their mind and go for steel or wathever, just find a non carbon fork that could suit my frame :)

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    @aniki Agreed ! Carbon isn't inherently flawed, it's even a great material used in aircraft industry etc, but the way it is (mass) produced for cycling makes it potencially unreliable, obvioulsy polluting etc. Unfortunately by looking around the internet, you can find as many examples of it's toughness as it's weakness. I would rather avoid it, but i can probably live with it as well :)
    @Lolo didn't know about that uncompatibility, i will look into this. Regarding weight, by choosing steel over carbon i already accept this flaw :)
    @r.hobbs yep several could match in terms of looks but i didn't find any with the correct AtoC / Offset measurements...
    @cake yes this was on my list (pending legs thickness measurements, seems a bit slim on some pics) but it seems sold out !

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    Not on hand, but it's a 2019 Planet X Tempest like this one https://stantoninnoblevelo.com/planet-x-­tempest-long-term-review/

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    Ahahahaha thanks... i'm starting to realize i may have bought a bike that's a little too modern for my standards. I will either build it ugly on the front, or go modern and enjoy it anyway !

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    Sorry i didn't want to sparkle that carbon debate :)

    @r.hobbs : not really scared, rather willing to go for an alternative. Thanks ! The Oria looks cool but doesn't have mounts unfortunately
    @dancing james : you may be right, that headtube thickness is already getting on my nerves :) Good one !
    @JB ahahahah I cannot disagree ! Still, a good riding bike is better than a good looking bike in my book :)
    @PhilDAS you're totally right but on the other hand it is also the norm in some cycling circles to buy a new bike every two seasons, not something i'm into very much.
    @lynx I don't know what's best to be honest, but yes my 531 frameset is still going strong 30+ years after it was welded.
    @psg1ben that's a good point ! Some brands even refuse to build carbon frames (a little hypocritical to some extent perhaps but still...)