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North Yorkshire based. 7 mile commute downhill morning, uphill evening. Started on SS Feb 2020 after killing off too many parts on a geared bike. One second hand Charge Plug later and loving the SS riding.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Everything I can see about these indicates they are a good option. And I just found a really good price for them now after a bit of searching, £85, pretty good eh. All from searching for Aero Rage with a space not Aerorage without a space and suddenly up popped a cracking deal. I have no idea what weight difference will be but 900 odd grams for the black one of these sounds pretty good and I imagine will be an improvement on the stock wheels I have on my second hand Charge Plug. They have done 5k of all weathers in undulating roads in North Yorkshire but now the bearings are going again after spending £40 on that just under a year ago it feels like I'd be throwing good money after bad with them. See how the new ones go.

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    Could anyone recommend online available rear wheel to ride on road single speed 700c wheel ideally reasonably lightweight and able to take 28mm tyres. What do people think of the Halo Aerorage? Are there better options? Not finding much out there pre-built, which is what I want as will be budgetary constraints to having the wheel built. thanks

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    Hi I have charge plug single speed with the wheels they came with. Excuse my poor terminology, but on the non-drive side the axle nut (not the final outer nut) is loose and needs a tightening, not sure if this would be referred to as the cone or lockring. Tried spanners I have up to 17mm none of which fit. From my googling it seems like this might be 18 or 19mm, is there a standard, or someone out there who has this bike and knows, trying to establish which spanner i need to purchase. Many thanks.

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    Hi, if you change the freewheel you will need the right tool, plus I found I was only able to get the old one off by putting the tool on, flipping the nut (the built in washer means you can't get the thread to grip, tighten the nut a little to hold it all in place and put the tool and wheel into a vice on a workbench, then turn the wheel to crack it to start undoing it, hope that makes sense. I also got a bit of oil worked into the freewheel in the ports on the reverse before fitting it.

    I still have the same chainring/chainset on. that said I do like some you can get that look cool, but would want to be sure I don't change the chainline on the bike so not touching it at this stage.

    I also did not mention I changed the bottom bracket which also started to go after I had been using it for a while. After a bit of research I settled on the Genetic Karyotype JIS bottom bracket. Found a good seller of them on ebay, around £30-35. just need to make sure you get the right size, 68x103 for this bike. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genetic-Karyo­type-JIS-bottom-bracket/112754983789?ssP­ageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=414403045­242&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649

    this is a good crank extractor for this, I had an old crappy one and bought this its very good, just make sure you have the threads seated nicely:
    Park Tool Cotterless Crank Puller
    and would need the bottom bracket tool as well.

    one last point, although the schwalbe 28mm tyres do seem pretty bomb proof I do always carry a 15mm Spanner just in case I needed to take the rear wheel off if I got a puncture. I do get the occasional sarcastic remark when I was riding with others (when it was allowed anyway!), about my spanner in me back pocket :-)

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    I am about a year in and have the same one. The dark blue with the brown saddle and bullhorn bars. I have put a lot of undulating Yorkshire miles on it. I like it a lot and for lots of rides don't miss gears. Here are a list of thoughts and learning from it.

    1. No bosses for mudguards. So went for the SKS Raceblade Long. But you need to file the part that attaches to the axle as they are designed for quick release axle thickness. These work well except for the little bit of mudguard on the front which over time kept flying off so I don't have it on now. Clearance for 28mm tyres still with them on.
    2. Tyres schwalbe marathon plus are brilliant. 28mm and bomb proof but surprisingly quite a quick tyre.
    3. Freewheel halo clickster really good just keep it oiled. Lie bike on its side and seep some oil in the crack as it were.
    4. Chains. No idea if this is simply the lumpy terrain I ride but i seem to need a new one at around 1000 miles. Strange after my geared bike where a chain can do 4000 miles. Tried various KMC chains and all last the same so now just getting the B1 wide as it is cheap and lasts the same as any others twice the price. I left one chain a little too long and in the winter grime it munched the teeth on my freewheel and turned them into ninja stars even though I clean and relube regularly. So I will probably change chains more routinely from now on as the B1 us only about 6 quid.
    5. Also have found it hard to keep the chain from going too loose as the wheel is edged forward by pressure on the pedals. So now I am using tensioners combined with halo nuts which hold things just a bit firmer and can keep the chain at the right tension.
      I have piled the miles on it in the last year. Upwards on 5000 miles. Most days a typical ride where I live at lunchtime us 16 miles and 1400 ft of elevation. I can't get over stretches of over 16% without bailing unless they are short. No trips into the Dales on it. I have done 140 miles in a day on the flat in a group ride and kept an 18mph average so it rolls well on its day. Enjoy it.
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    Worth it? My Halo Clickster has been good but seems to struggle now after continued punishment from Yorkshire grit and grime. i.e. pawl slippage even after keeping things oiled nicely. 3500 miles on the Clickster this year. November has been particularly hacky weather on the road which would challenge any freewheel I am sure. But seeing as the Royal Ed 108 click has 3 extra pawls I am presuming this significantly helps with slippage and lack of engagement. Thanks