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    Also, very curious about your experiences with the Monochrom - do you have a Flickr account or anything?

    Thanks for your interest and bump. The first generation Leica Monochrom camera is a true, but quirky, classic. It is a unique digital camera with the wonderful rendering of tones produced by its monochrome CCD sensor and processing, but it loses detail in the highlights with little overexposure (that cannot recovered from RAW images in the manner of a colour sensor). As all pixels recorded appear in the final image, rather than being interpolated from a colour filter array, the files viewed close up are incredibly detailed and as a result the 18MP resolution is enough for pretty much any use. The buffer is tiny and I take photographs at the pace of a film camera. The shutter-recocking motor is loud, but in discrete single-shot mode I'm never really aware of the noise. Sadly, the sensors are no longer available for repairs, and though this camera has the replacement sensor that eliminated the original manufacturing fault which used to lead to sensor corrosion, I have to treat it with care knowing it cannot be replaced in the future. One day I will end up using my mechanical M6 camera, Ilford XP2 film and Nikon film scanner once more.

    Online, I have uploaded only colour photographs taken with my spouse's Canon S95, basically for cycling topics on LFGSS.

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    I have just posted for sale my Fogg Soprano hand-made camera bag in the Classified section, which may be of interest to owners of Leica rangefinders, as well as mirrorless or smaller film SLR cameras:

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    I am putting up for sale my little used Fogg Soprano camera bag. These are hand made in France by Nigel and Bee Fogg and were developed for photojournalism with Leica rangefinders cameras. They offer extremely good protection in a compact, durable and well-padded bag that weighs only 560g.

    This model fits a camera body with lens attached vertically and two additional lenses stacked on their sides with a cushioned separator between them. The internal compartments are configurable. It will also fit many mirrorless cameras and smaller traditional film SLRs. I had mine made by Nigel Fogg with the omission of the little handle on the lid which I think gives it cleaner lines. It was made with waxed cotton, canvas and leather trim. The additional velcro lid closure has a removable cover sheet for silent opening of the bag.

    The new price for a Soprano bag is €382 from Fogg and £377 from Robert White Cameras. I would like £250, £240, £230, with free collection from Sheffield or I will post by Royal Mail special delivery in the UK with the addition of the postage charge.

    First Dibs followed by PM secures the bag.

    [Note: The Leica Monochrom camera, 35, 50 and 90mm lenses and B&W orange filter are NOT included, they are shown in the photographs to provide scale and illustrate a typical use of the bag.]

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    Perhaps, the Brooks Cambium Organic Light Saddles are close enough to white? It seems several types were available and the C17 is still on sale.

    Image source: http://www.condorcycles.com

    Sadly, their Team Pro white CMWC Tokyo limited edition is long gone.

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    The Terra Nova Voyager is bang on what I'm after, but the £500+ price tag is a bit rich

    Lightwave make the G20 which is similar to the Voyager, but it seems to be out of stock everywhere. If you are looking for an inner-first pitching 4-season tent then their T20 tunnel wedge tent looks good (inner-only, outer-only or integral pitching are possible), and it has ventilation at both ends unlike the Voyager. TISO seem to have them in stock for £399.

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    That's it! 👍

    I have VLC player installed under Manjaro Linux and it seem to have an issue with the speed of replay on some ripped files, I guess I could give it a try for the Windows installation.

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    That looks good, though I don't need the Blue-ray facility, which seems to add about a £60 additional cost; just DVD compatibility is fine. There seem to be a couple of Hitachi ones for £25-30 which look like they might be be okay.