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Veteran cyclist for over 50 years. Now trying to get in shape again for TT's; figure at my age I've got nothing to lose!

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    Hello belky87,

    I don't know if you sold your bike or not, I was just trying to get some information about that model since it would appear I have the same or similar model. My model has the "oval" top and down tubes changing to round tubing at the lug conjunctions. The bottom bracket shell has 2 slots, seat stay caps pantographed "S", fork crown chromed with pantographed "S" and "SARONNI", rear dropouts are "SARONNI", front dropouts are "CAMPAGNOLO", "SARONNI" with "Club" decals on seat and down tubes, headbadge is a photographic image of Saronni's head. My frame has been repainted so I was not sure if decals were correct. There is also "COLNAGO" lettering on the front sides the top tube. The fork has Columbus decals on each blade near the crown; and there is a Columbus "SLX" decal on the upper seat tube. I could not determine if this frame is of "SLX" manufacture, this decal may have been replaced with the incorrect decal for the actual tubing type. I notice that your frame has no Columbus decals at all; frame or fork. I'm assuming that this may have been Colnago modified tubing made by Columbus, similar to the "Profil" tubing with the longitudinal "crimps" (Colnago "Nuovo Mexico" style tubes). If you have any pertinent knowledge to pass along concerning this frame I would be very pleased to hear it. How did you determine the year of your frame? The initial Colnago "Saronni" Super (although he rode a first version "Nuovo Mexico" with the "Profil" tubing in 1982) came out in 1983 after his 1982 World Championship These frames are very rare; I have not found one shown in any available Colnago catalogue. Yours is only the second example I have seen; most searches come up with the "CX" using the full oval tubing developed between Columbus and Colnago.