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    We moving towards an era where are more conscious with our money. Because this ultimately dictates on paying for the privileges we take for granted and how long we are prepared to maintain them.

    As a former Bike Mechanic and Cycle enthusiastic, I've noticed during the past couple of years that I worked in retail sector that people's desires for a new bike or service hasn't changed, but what they are prepared to pay for has significantly changed....

    As for my own cycling desires I would love to own a Road, Gravel, and/or mtb ebike because I'm sick of seeing some fat bast*rd cruise pass me on a bike that weighs a ton. Plus I am not getting any younger but still want to be able to venture out on a bike.

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    Currently living in South East London, riding 2016/17 Bombtrack Divide.

    Bike and riding has been neglected due to work and recent relocation back in Sept 2019. Wanna the bike upgraded and up and riding before Spring when funds and overdue work holiday allow.

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    Slightly off topic, but has CS managed to hold on to all its London stores during this Brexit chaos nonsense unlike Evans Cycles lossing their stores under new owner Mike Ashley?

    Or is it business as normal..

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    Hi there mate, l just signed up to the forum, mainly because of seeing your ad post but also curious of the FGFS scene in London/UK.

    Is this bike 700c or 26"?

    Regards from Rusevelt