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    perhaps they need another rule. I mean when there is a rule regarding sock length then surely sunnies are next...

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    I use that although a cheap eBay alternative which does the business (although cam mount only, no rear light)

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    Amen to that, brother

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    Didn't know this thread existed so added my mainly cycle-related content above.

    Anyroad up, being a middle aged man I don't know much about da gram. Why would someone DM me and say 'we would love to represent you as our brand ambassador'.

    What's in it for me/them?

    They at least appear to be an account that contains cycling content although they are very new and only have two posts so I'm guessing there's more in it for them than me?

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    For those of a certain age you may enjoy Marty's Matchbox Makeovers


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    I used Southern and SWT on Friday with my mate, two bikes and three trains in total. No booking just turned up on spec and no issues at all.

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    I'm really pleased with my composting this year. It's gone from this overloaded stack in March/April to harvesting 7 or 8 barrows of lovely brown stuff last weekend just from the open left hand side and distributing it around the various beds.

    No turning at all and I didn't even bother using my compost aerator on this one either as it was always overflowing and I couldn't really get sufficient access to it.

    Restacked all the semi-composted stuff I cleared off the top and this should be ready soon as well as the right hand side.

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    Here's a route my mate devised that we rode last Friday.

    Mainly aimed at not only getting some new roads in but also taking advantage of the 20 kph+ south westerly that was blowing along the south coast we used planes (almost), trains and got buzzed by automobiles on a nice loop.

    Posting here as although I live in Epsom and started the ride there it should be available to all who are London based too (you just join the route at a different point).

    I can share the route on Strava but for me it was roughly:

    • ride 30km to an eerily quiet Gatwick
    • train to Haywards Heath (ten minutes/£6.60)
    • ride 150km to Folkstone
    • train back to St Pancras (one hour/£23 - regular fast trains)
    • ride across town to Waterloo
    • train out to Stoneleigh
    • ride home from there

    I clocked 207 km on strava but I think some of that was a train journey, It should be circa 190 km total.

    Although I used my road bike there were a few gravel/beach sections so a gravel bike can be used too. Having said that it's very doable on a road bike but perhaps don't take your best one.

    Here's my vid of the day to give you a flavour of the ride

    Down by the Seaside