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    Friendly guy on a Mash Parallax in New Cross - sorry I’m socially awkward and terrible at small talk.

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    Longtime listener first time caller.

    Going up Loampit Hill in Lewisham, ped runs across the road when the lights on green - missed him by a hair! Then 50 meters further up the hill - On coming Van driver starts to turn off totally misjudging my speed and ends up stopping half way across the lane - then 50 meters further on a Merc driver does the same but actually makes the right turn.

    I must remember not to wear my invisibility cloak when riding!

    Everything after that was fine except for a slipping Thomson seatpost that I can’t seem to fix 😞🤷🏻♂️

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    Looking for something to get me around town that I can lock up and not worry about.

    Must be a full build, size 54/56

    Approx £200 budget, maybe a little more for something spot on.

    Happy to collect in London or pay shipping.