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    Is this still going? i'd be interested if so-

    I'm trying to downsize from a fiorenzato commercial-grade grinder similar to a mazzer jolly- which I'd be looking to shift if anyone is interested? No hopper, but works perfectly in a domestic setting if you have the counter space-£70 and I could meet somewhere on the eastern end of the Elizabeth line (i'm in Brentwood these days and it's a good 10-15kg)

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    Hey I believe it is 49cm c-c, 51cm c-t.
    Previous owner was 5ft 5 and I'm 173cm and about the top of the height range imo

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    now sold to KRJHaving moved from central to essex this year, my much loved fixie has sat in the shed in favour of other bikes.
    Now moving up North and living at the top of a very steep hill means it's time for this to move on.

    Tokyo fixed S2 frame (original thread here with more details https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3401­86/)- similar condition to orginal thread, age related marks and a few small bumps- these have been there since ive had the bike without issue, I put a new BB when i bought the frame and probably have ridden about 400km on it max.

    Dura ace anodised wheels (https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3401­94/)-
    Shimano Dura Ace 7710 hubs
    Single side fixed/free thread
    Laced to Hard Ano Grey H Plus Son TB14
    Sapim Spokes

    17T tracksupermarket cog w/ Dura Ace lockringSome wear to anodised finish of front break track, could likely do with a service. Currently Shod with a black mamba gumwall and Schwalbe one. I can dig out another partially used schwalbe p1 and include that for asthetics if you'd like.

    Nitto Stem and track bars with Lizard Skins Black tape- Fun profile, Stem is custom to bike due to short headtube.

    Dura Ace Headset

    105 front brake caliper Bought new for this bike and hasnt seen very much use to be honest.

    Stronglight Crankset- Nice crankset, not much more to say

    Sold without pedals

    All in all a very fun bike that could probably do with a small service and tidy up to get it looking rather nice. Shoot any questions my way and i'll do my best to answer.

    ASKING PRICE: £330
    Not 100% sure where to pitch the price, but this is less than i paid for just the wheel and frame about 2 years ago. Let me know if i'm way off as it's had a few nice bits added.

    Viewings/Collection very welcome, however if you were really serious about buying I could meet somewhere central/east and do a bit of the legwork in making up the distance! Ideally within next 2 weeks.


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    Great, I'll drop you a PM

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    Bump and price drop to £25?

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    Link to original sales thread. https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3538­72/

    This has been an absolute blast of a whip to the shops bike. Genuine fun to ride.

    Needs a service, attention to the brakes would be beneficial. Would need a longer seat post for real adults over 5ft 7 unlike me.

    I'm now moving out of London, so have to slim down the stable. Collection in N7 (tuffnell park) - I could meet a reasonable distance if you definitely want it.

    ?£30 seems reasonable, let me know if I'm off the mark