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    Hey did these go to OP or are they still about? Very interested

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    That's getting me excited to get this one back up to spec.

    Parts order on the way....

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    Somerset side!
    This was actually a photo from the herepath loop which had its moments.

    Haven't spent much time off road there tbh, any other areas I should explore when I'm back over Christmas 🎄

    Got to do something to test the legs on this thing

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    Part timer covers me too!

    Being in London 90% of the time makes me appreciate it even more

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    That's possibly a much easier way of doing things! Thanks

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    SS is definitely a possibility- just a bit nervous about that on longer/multiday trips

    I think the first steps are probably going to be a decent strip down and service of what I have

    I suppose the only thing I NEED for now is to find a longer 30.0 Seatpost

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    Old photo re Seatpost! Good spot

    Brakes could just need a decent clean and fettle, this has pretty much sat without use for 5-6years and my teenage self left much to be desired when it came to maintenance.

    I'm tempted by drops as it's what I know, but I reckon I'll stay flat bar at least initially.

    Variety is the spice of life I suppose.

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    Late to the Lockdown project game.....

    Let's see if building something gravel/bike-packingesque can satiate me over the coming winter weeks.

    Shell is a ?mid 90's Rockhopper that belonged to my father/took up commuter duties for me in secondary school.

    Fixie had some issues so I've been using it to commute for a few days and I'd forgot just how much fun it was....

    Problem list:
    Missing Spokes.
    Ridiculously bad brakes.
    Gearing all over the place.
    Surface rust in places.
    VERY short Seatpost.


    The vague plan is to source some half-decent 26" wheels and convert to 1x10 (Deore Xt?).
    Maybe some budget paint job come spring/summer (Spray.Bike?)
    Make a frame bag.
    Hash out some adventure plans in the meantime

    Welcoming any suggestions for improvement/things to avoid in this build- I'm a bit clueless when it comes to offroad...