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    Ordered in April, didn't choose prepaid tax and wasn't charged any at customs... Ordered April 14th, received 5 weeks later on May 20th. Longest time it spent was between "Despatched to the UK" and arrival in the UK, 13 days.

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    I almost wanted to recommend some kind of thick grid/plastic thing to give it some heft but that would also mean weight, keys and other sharp items would frequently catch on it, wouldn't isolate any mess/crumbs, and so on. (not to mention the use of plastic...)

    (Received the masks btw thanks... had missed out on them with the burner)

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    Re backpacks, have you considered adding an internal separator to it (maybe at 3/4 height?) and make it a double-pocket backpack? It might complicate the process and add a little weight, but might also make it more useful. Gold or orange fabric (a'la sfbags or tom bihn) for the separator to make things more visible inside?

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    We have a Roborock S5, looks like it would work for you. AFAIK Roborock S4/S6 are mostly the same thing with bin size / vacuum power differences. We always run it on "MAX" mode (little noisy) and make it clean the rooms multiple (mostly 2) times, because a single pass sometimes leaves a little dirt here and there where it gets pushed around and then forgotten.

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    how are the assos mille GT bibs ?

    Don't know about Mille GT but Equipe RS S9 is pretty good.

    Going on a tangent, here's what I gathered from the 100+ page Assos thread in weightweenies:

    Mille GT - Comfort Fit, pad slightly further forward for a more upright position. Consider this every day kit.
    Equipe RS - Racing Fit, more compressive / aero. Pad slightly further forward for a lower position on the bike. Consider this 'fast', 'race' or 'special day' kit.
    Cento 113 - Comfort Fit, pad slightly further forward. More tech than Equipe and Mille. Luxury, cosetting kit for those who want or need more.

    Mille GT is the cheapest and is everything most people need. Superb products with one of the best chamois available. Materials are world class and the cut is slightly more accomodating than out and out race fit. It could be considered training kit for those racers riding mega miles, and best kit for the rest of us. It works with the other products perfectly too.

    Equipe RS is up a price point, because the technology and materials are more expensive. It is our race proposition and aero.

    Cento / 113 takes the materials and tech from Equipe, and applies the fit from Mille GT.

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    ok then, I'll get the large and a space is open in medium

    Lightweight Backpack 29cm x 36cm. First batch of five, £30
    1 xDOMx
    2 bossman
    3 MrJL
    4 will101
    5 snoops

    Lightweight Musette Medium 29cm x 20cm. First batch of ten, £25
    2 spinnnout
    3 spinnnout
    4 Lolo
    5 monkdagola
    6 pastry_bot

    Lightweight Musette Large 33cm x 25cm. First batch of ten, £25
    1 rhb
    2 xDOMx
    3 stelfox
    4 Fußballclub
    5 disq
    6 Lemesjeu (+eu postage, I actually have a real birthday coming up ;))
    7 rj
    8 will101
    9 joeae
    10 mobe

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    Maybe only from certain countries? Because all my EU packages seem to attract customs delays and charges...

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    Also wha the customs situation these days? It’s been years since I ordered anything from abroad I think!

    Recently took delivery of a Farsports wheelset - no customs whatsoever. Depends on the declared value I'd say.