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    Love this! Well done.

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    Kinlin corrosion images.

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    Thanks everyone for your input. I’m a big unit, dropping the Kg’s gradually. 120kg right now.

    I did 4 days of touring and bike (Nigel Dean world tour from this very forum) plus rider plus luggage was about 160kg.

    About 20 months ago I had spa cycles build me a ultegra hub, sapim strong DS, sapim Race NDS, 36h Kinlin XR31T wheel and it was superb.

    That build came about with some help from this exact thread.

    After a year of use it was straight and true, absolutely zero issues but the brake track was showing signs of wear. 50km into a 200km spin I got some brake rub with a bulge in the brake track, right at the location of the valve. Slackened the brake and finished the spin.

    Corrosion at the valve hole led to a split in the rim. Unfortunately no 36h rims in stock at spa, then or since so my preferred build got torn down and rebuilt with new double butted spokes and an Mavic A719 rim.

    The new build is fine, a few issues with NDS tension, a bit of occasional brake rub when I haul my ass out of the saddle. It’s fine, but not perfect.

    There is the background to my hypothetical build question. Thought process was stick with 36h for the time being with 32h on the horizon when I shed some more body mass.

    I’ll do some research and come back with additional questions. Alpine III look interesting. Thanks.

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    Hypothetical Build:
    6700 Rear Hub 36h (because I have it)
    Velocity A23 OC 36h (unobtainable right now hence the hypothetical nature of this build)
    Sapim Cx-Ray 298mm for both NDS and DS in a 4-cross pattern both sides. (Currently less than €2 each in a box of 20 from bike-components)

    Would this be a good build for a tourer / Audax wheel build?

    I struggled with spoke windup when I used 1.5mm spokes previously, thinking the cx-rays would help me out there due to the profile.


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    Is it the same tube all the way from the Seatpost back to the seatpost?

    Looks like it is somehow heavily formed at the head tube and attached there but continues back to the horizontal if that makes sense.

    I like it.

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    Did a through-the-night ride with one of these recently. Well worth waiting / paying for the IQ-X.

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    Dropped off some of my favorite pip & nut deep roast extra crunchy to a friend earlier. Fantastic fit in the bottle cage.

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    Worn jockey wheels could also be a culprit?

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    IKEA food bag, taped on on 3 sides and the ziplock piece snapped closed but accessible will work.