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Single speeding all over soulth London

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    We had routed the front V and the rear disc to the captain and the rear V to the stoker and never really used the rear V very much. I always rode stoker so not sure about the breaking performance. I believe it was ok, main reason to use the disc was to save the rims from too much wear.

    Problem are more long decents, I remember overheating the disc on one hill. Going down 50-60kph down into Sarajevo... good times

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    We had 2 V-brakes plus disc at the back on the tandem I was touring on with my brother. Definitly worth it at hills and heavy loaded. But no need otherwise I would say.

    astroturfed living room = life goal

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    I can see pieces of this becoming one of your amazing creations. :)

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    Are you working in the living room or living in the garden?

    Ps: love the project. What's that in the left rear triangle? Disc brake mount?

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    Man, these Kili's are soo good. Big inspiration for my Raleigh. Thanks @WimVDD

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    That kind off answers my question #2.
    Very tasty!

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    I have been handed down this Raleigh RSP called "orange peril". It had a tough life since 2006 when my friend bought it off a colleague, having been mtb, long distance tourer and commuting rig for 2 other friends over the years. Now its living with me and is put to work as intended again.
    Its rusty and probably none of the components are original but I like it.
    Two questions: what year and model is it? Its probably from around 1999 as dimensions and features are like this 450 . Reynolds Optima means its newer than 1994.

    Second: I would like to change the cranks as they are worn, get stuck on my shoes and I prefer 170 mm. I do like hollowtech II but wonder if it will destroy the look?

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    I have not tried it, just came to my my mind: would a star nut inserted into the fork from underneath work?

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    I believe they are banned on this forum. There is a silent agreement not to post about it since the supremacy of front loading has been established.