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    Price drop

    Gravelkings - £50
    GP5000 - £50

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    Got a few bits to sell. All items located in Portsmouth, I come to London regularly or can add a few quid for postage (apart from wheels, would rather not post).

    Panaracer Gravelking SK+ (38mm) - £60 pair
    Been used for less than 50km probably. Bought a XC bike so can’t see these being used, plus it’s too muddy near me.

    Zipp Service Course SL stem, 120mm, +/-6° - £40
    Tiny scratch on the front

    Mavic Cosmic SLR Exalith - £400 (£450 with tyres)
    I’m looking for something a bit wider as I’m not t. Have barely used them. They feel great and are in good condition, apart from a few small scratches on brake surface. I don’t really know the going rate for these these days so do call me out if I’m way off. Comes with brake pads, but not tyres or cassette (unless bought with)

    Continental gp5000 25mm - £60 pair
    Bought them to go with the above wheels, they’ve done no more than 100km, pretty much brand new. £50 if bought with wheels

    Let me know if you have any questions

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    Sorry for the delay. Here are the photos!

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    I’ll get the pictures of that in a bit.

    Korgs/lpd8 sold pending payment.

    Multimix still available!

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    You’re absolutely right there are. I’ll get up and take a photo in a bit. It’s quite large though so I’m pretty sure it’s the launchkey 49

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    I’ve been clearing out some storage bits and have some music production stuff that is in need of a better home. Barely used all in good working condition but I just don’t use them unfortunately.

    All are based in Portsmouth but I’m usually in London 1-3 times a week and happy to meet or post for a few quid extra. I’ve checked what they’re going for on eBay and priced them a little cheaper than there. Any questions let me know.

    Korg Volca Beats - £65
    With original box, in need of batteries (AA) but I managed to turn on and is great.

    Anyone who has played around with these will tell you that they’re great fun.

    Korg Volca Base - £65
    As above, they’re pretty cool to use together. (£120 for the pair?)

    Akai LPD 8 - £15
    Don’t think I ever even used this

    Alesis multimix - £50
    Haven’t yet tested this as the cables need retrieving from attic but I of course will before any sale. I used to use it together with both the korg volcas.

    Novation Launchkey - £65
    Rarely used and in original box

    I should’ve spent more time using this stuff and not wasting it on random shit at uni but there we go. Let me know if there are any questions.

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    Thanks for your feedback! I’m flying to Poland with Wizz air, and back with Ryanair so should be an interesting experience/experiment. I managed to get it to fit inside my eBay samsonite so I’m hoping it’ll be okay. I just had to remove the saddle and pedals. There’s still a little room for a few items of clothing too. I’ll report back!

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    Hi, I recently got my first Brompton, one of the main reasons being to travel abroad with, I have various family members around Europe etc.

    Does anyone have any tips/experience on flying with one? I’ve seen a few bits online, but I picked up a (what I thought looked) pretty big samsonite hard shell case and it just doesn’t quite fit annoyingly, I’m wondering whether removing some more parts will do the trick.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Failing that, you’ll probably see said samsonite on classifieds.