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Ancient and decrepit, been riding for nearly 70 years. Worked for Raleigh Bicycles in the 1970's.

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    Thank you for the tip! I have no idea how to contact Steve Goff. Maybe a bit of poking about will enlighten me.

    Ahhh, phone or mail. No email. If someone near to his shop could relay this to him for me.

    I've a line on getting a fork made... High confidence in the builder, but I've not gone so far as to ask what he has for materials. Without proper jigs, etc, but with a fairly practiced eye, the fork blades, and steerer all check out as 'straight'. With them all assembled into the obviously bent crown it's difficult to really make a pronouncement that they are, indeed, straight. But a heck of a testament to 753 that there is barely a question.

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    Hi dicki - it's a 58 cm frame, mine is 59.5... So far have been close a few times. If it were for my wife's, at 49.5 cm, it would be (relatively) easy.

    psg1ben - yes, have done. Too short...

    Thank you both. Won't know for certain without taking the blades out of the crown, but it's the crown that looks to have suffered - the blades 'look' pretty straight. The steerer is still a question as well.

    The bike did me well, otherwise I'd likely be dead or in a world of hurt - all my fault, but a headon with a truck ain't going to end well. The bike got me by, but we ran outa pavement... It 'Geraldine' always went where I looked. It always amazed me, and I learned real quick to not look where I didn't want to go!

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    Need fork for 1980 vintage Raleigh 753 Team Pro. Frame size: 49.5 cm, steerer tube ~ 20 cm

    Please! Miracles encouraged!

    Thank you! Ed