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Yeah not sure why but I can't change my profile name. I like the number, too.

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    @Howard Thanks for your reply.
    Brake was bought new from store. Could be old stock, though. I've ordered a new Shim-approved lever and grease, see if it helps.

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    (New here. Maybe you can tell from the name. Can't seem to change it for good. Call me fourtyfour then...)
    I've had no luck on the net, these forums and in my LFBS on this subject, but it seems there are users of IG hubs / roller brakes in here!

    I recently built my summer bike (I live in Canada) with a SG7R46 hub and a IM45 brake (with a Avid FR5 lever and new cabling/housing).
    Got issues, and I wonder which are due to my failings, and which are expected:

    A) hub is draggy. Enough that the pedals will spin when pushing the bike, as if a fixed hub (except the lightest touch will stop them). Also when freewheeling on the stand, it freewheels not long...

    B) brake is not braky. Feels firm enough on the stand, but once riding it, lever feels spongy, with much force applied for unsufficient power. Certainly can't lock the wheel, and doesn't feel secure.
    Tried tightening/slackening to no avail. Just changes the point at which it starts being spongy.
    I'm starting to think the lever might be at issue. It has less advantage than the shimano lever I have (35mm vs. 42 from pivot to cable attach). Don't think it's enough, though...

    Any insights, experiences, much appreciated!