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    @|³|MA3K Did you manage to talk with English Heritage? Do I have the all clear to collect? xD
    Will definitely take you up on the offer regarding the wash.
    @PhilDAS As far as I could see, no. Will give it a thorough look over once freed.
    @pdlouche sure, will do.
    @8b That would be great, however, I think the guy starts work at 9am. I’m not 100% sure...
    If he's there, I told him about it so should be fine to angle grind it.
    If he's not, I'll talk to the second person who starts at 1pm and keep you posted. Do you happen to have some time in the evening, after work to help?

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    @pdlouche I've attached a picture showing provenance, both locks unlocked with keys. This thread will live on as a memoir.
    @bolognium Absolutely! Once fully restored I'll post some pictures.
    @8b @kjlem I visited the station this morning and talked to the bloke there. He works Tuesdays + Wednesdays. He agreed to plug in the angle grinder but it must be before 1pm as he leaves at that time. Someone else starts there shift at 1pm who may or may not do the same thing....
    Thank you for offering help, really appreciate it.

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    Good evening guys,
    I just came across this forum today. I'm the owner of the Icelandic green Cannondale.
    I'd just like to start off by thanking everyone for keeping an eye on the bike & keeping everyone informed while not promoting the actual location. I really appreciate it as didn't know if I was to return to anything.
    I've managed to go back a few pages so I'll respond to as many people as I can now.
    @Howard Someone indeed has chucked a third lock on the bike which might link to the eBay listing/screenshot I've seen on here. To clarify, I've never posted my bike for sale anywhere.
    If you know who put the third lock on my bike or it's you, could you please remove this as soon as possible in order for me to collect my bike. If not, can anyone help with angle grinding the lock down? I still have the keys for my locks.
    The orange kryptonite and the mini NY locks are mine. The third lock, towards the very rear isn't.
    @greeno Exactly, locked it up well as wasn't my intention in leaving the bike for long. I was actually riding the bike etc. Went abroad for work and planned to come back and ship it over, never happened. This is my first time back in London in what seems a very long time.
    Thankfully no-one tried to angle grind my locks down (I'd say mainly due to you guys) as usually thiefs chuck their lock on and return later to collect.
    If anyone has any other questions please send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
    Again, I would really appreciate help regarding the third lock. Thank you!