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Humble backyard south east London bicycle rescuer and seller..
Prior to a few years ago I had never even ridden a bike in London, fast forward a few years, I've erected a nice little bike shed in my garden with a wide selection of frames to build up and lots of tools!

Im originally from Italy, where the Eroica takes place, but have realised this only recently (about the eroica, not my birthplace).

Part of what I do is scout for complete bikes or bits like old frames usually in junkyard condition around various markets and do my best to make them look appealing and ridable. Im looking to further my knowledge and skill level so I can one day, reconvert bikes to their former glory or cooler.
I also import vintage Italian racers, as I travel back to my home country every so often and do some digging there and bring them back.
Lastly, I like riding fixed so also do a lot of fixed gear conversions and am generally in awe of nice njs/track/pista/fixie stuff!

I'm totally self-taught, learning through trial and error, youtube videos and the really nice local bike shop boys who are surely getting tired of my daily visits for problem-solution queries.

Im here to share my end results, find a few buyers (or collectors in the case of my Italian imports) and to generally learn more about the craft of building nice ridable machines.

There we go ;)

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