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    The WORK is 7 days/week. The JOB is max 5 days/week : I advise to interested bikers not to work more than 4 days/week (physically demanding). As said: "you can begin with min 2 days/week"

    STAFF will all have the same status : selfemployed while we have this test is with the customer.
    Employee after that (if test is positive and we go further with customer).

    To people interested, don't hesitate to ask directly. Or send a resume to hello@mabool.be.
    To others : please don't see evil in every new company posting a new job here.

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    it's more likely 13,125 per hour

    Self employed for the month test.

    Stable contract with all benefits if the test is positive.

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    Job is about riding bicycles to move shared electric cars.

    We are doing it succesfully in Belgium for one year and we will begin a test phase of 1 month in London (20th of may - 16th of june) as self employed.
    If test is positive, it will lead to a stable employed job with nice perspectives.

    By replacing service cars by bicycles, we make this system more sustainable and also more efficient.

    We found some good bikers but we still need 2 or 3 bikers to join the team. With following profile :
    (really)Fit biker (up to 50 miles a day)
    City knowledge
    Driving licence
    Smart cookie

    Bikes are provided

    The Job is
    8 hours/day (~5 hours biking)
    7 days a week (can be flexible with at least 2 days/week/biker)
    525 £/week

    You can apply with resume via hello@mabool.be

    Thanks, and ride safe.


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    Shared cars replace individual cars, making space for other transportation means.
    We remplace their "service cars" by our folding bikes, which sounds to me already pretty ambitious in London.
    In march we start with a test perdiod (with the customer) but we will offer stable opportunities, definitively the opposite of a deliveroo model.

    I would be happy to discuss it a bit more around a (couple of) beer, what about you?

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    Hey there!

    It's a bike based service to mobility shared companies. So you will spend at least 50% on the bike.

    London based, Islington, Hackney, Haringey
    Maybe + Southwark & westminter

    Start around mid march.

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    You are a dynamic person, who'd love to be paid for riding a bike, and would like to contribute to a better urban mobility ?

    Mabool, a young belgian start up is looking for 2 types of colleagues : bike couriers and area manager (who will bike as well!).

    Anyone who fits the following requirements :

    City knowledge
    Driving licence
    Smart cookie

    Can apply with resume via hello@mabool.be

    Job can be flexible (8 hours day)
    350-450 £/week