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    You missed something Special. Try again next near.

    ''After a couple of days and a little rest i want to say thank you to every single Player who was part of this Incredible inaugural Masters Tournament. THX also to Tim Work for giving us a nice gameplan with a lot of games for everyone and for hosting, to Steffen for his help and for hosting too and to everyone who helped and i might have forgotten. Let's make this Tournament an annual Event!!! Tell everyone what a Beautiful Weekend it was. Love Andy''

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    Short update:

    1. We will have 2 Groups on Saurday. If you are not able to Play in the morning let us know asap! On Sunday we Play more swiss rounds and a single Elimination.
    2. The green fee has to be Paid at the court and will be around 33 €.
    3. Check your emails (the captains!!!) for accomodation updates.

    Stay tuned, train hard!!!
    Love Andy

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    For a few People without FB-Account - here is a short update about the Teams already registered:

    Nürnberg Teams (age is checked!)
    The Belgian Tourniquet (Elizabeth aka Andy, Antoine, Vincent)
    The Masters of Puppets (Kevin, Christof, Gabor)
    We can dance your name (on request) (Thomas, Tom Lerom, Jirka)

    In the lottery:

    1. The Chippendales (Pedro, Fabi, Moggi) 41+45+43 GER
    2. Bambule (Nico, Dany, Elena) GER
    3. Dynamique Bizarre (Holger, Daniel, Tom ) 42+42+44 GER
    4. Richies Bitches (Richie, Franky, Aljoscha) GER
    5. Juha Mieto (Arto, Sauli, Antti) 36+41+46 FIN
    6. Tigers (Tobia, Cento, Mattia) 35+44+51 ITA
    7. Furios Friends (Olaf, Jörn, Marcel) 45+38+40 GER
    8. Barbapapa (Jasmin, Benjamin, Emmanuel) 43+36+49 FRA
    9. August allein zu Haus (Domi, Bebe,Sepp) GER
    10. TBA (Jupp, Jamie, Lo) 40+43+39 GER
    11. Paradox (Jerry, Wheeler, Ziemek) 44+40+44 POL
    12. Pokoyo (Pablo, Jfran, Thomas) 36+36+55 FRA
    13. FastForward (Massimo, Scimmia, Federico) 53+39+37 ITA
    14. Grey Phoenix (Chukker, Beagle, Cam) 46+40+36 GB

    If you have any Questions or in case you are Looking for a free Agent for your Team send me an email to: european.masters@web.de
    Cheers Andy (not Alex!!!)
    P.S. THX to Neil for keeping Things moving in the UK.

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    Would you be so Kind and add the 1. European Masters in Nürnberg/Germany (14./15. Sept.)
    Basic rules for a Team:

    1. Minimum combined age: 120
    2. Player has to 35+
    3. Rule No.1 and Rule No.2 will become law with the first joust of the tournament!

    Cheers Andy