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    got the chance to ride 200ft on this today outside the coffee shop, made me re-evaluate all my bike decisions up till now, it's exceptional.

    genuinely feels like riding a bmx you can sit down on, the quick spin up, the steering, just an exceptional city bike.

    Want one tbqh

    (obligatory blurry pic)

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    the irony of buying this because you can't bunny hop, but to ride any meaningful gnar on it you're gonna have to learn.

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    i'll do that, thank you for the heads up!

    I will be out on it for the WNR, going to shorten the chain when I get in tonight, might need your advice on how to get the wheel to stop slipping as it has happened twice now? even with bolts tightened.

    i'm probably not aligning it properly doing it with one person and no bike stand.

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    Not worthy of its own thread, but I have finally built my first bike, and first fixed at that. I'm sure I have committed a vast amount of bike sins, both mechanical and aesthetic, but I'm pretty happy none the less.

    The plan was something practical, but fun to ride when I didn't want to lug my tourer around town, maybe be able to lock it outside a shop too so in the long run will be ratted up.

    Along the way I learned how to set up and fit caliper brakes, switch a chain, fit and remove bars (we all have to start somewhere)

    The chain needs a link or two removed but I wanted to take it for a spin to make sure everything else is ok

    Still to come:

    2 bottle cages
    One of those clip on rear fenders
    Something to protect the frame from the bars

    Inside is how it came, outside is after it's built.

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    "worrying about the impacts of brexit on your small business" is a little too on brand, even for rapha

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    levy claims another B)

    there is a weeknight ride with a bunch of very nice people over at 01fix1, you don't need a fixed, there is a few gravel bikes, i ride my road bike. it's a nice 20 mile spin mid week, speed depends who's there that week, good company and some beer. can be found here:


    definitely Interested in organising more weekend rides as i try to get in one big ride a week, be it road or gravel. would be good to have company!

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    Pretty great ride which links the fallowfield loop and canals out the Whaley bridge, you get the choice of two monster climbs out the valley. We chose the non brick works one as Google made it look kinda nice? It wasn't , it was hell, but the view was magnificent from the top.
    then it's an incredibly fast A6 blitz to spin out the legs.

    There is also a little mini, but steep ramp in reddish vale park, a good leg tester.

    Nice grav, nice views,

    (Appreciate I'm only posting screenshots, DM me and if you seem not a burglar I'll pass on the Strava links!)