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    bike still isn't done, does not matter in lockdown 2 tho i guess.

    after some parts bin exchanging with a friend i ended up with one of these, it's quite nice

    only the one, i'm sort of torn with putting it on the back of the pomp as a bad joke, or being the joke and buying another online.

    more than likely it will just end in my "box of nice parts", but if anyone does have another paul mini moto in any colour, would be interested

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    coming along nicely, cabled and pedalled, barbag fits nicer on this bar stem combo i think

    wheels soon and then it's all done! i think the purple cables look quite nice, lift the bike a lot,

    going to be great fun to ride!

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    thanks guys!

    would be down to ride with anyone and everyone after the rona, hard for me to do anything atm with my condition

    hence the bike tinkering to riding ratio

    on that note with the caad sold, or pending sold i bought some new bling to single speed the pomp

    white industries 22t free wheel
    stooge moto bars
    deore levers
    esi grips
    snazzy purple jagwire cables
    mks all black bear traps

    pillaged the thomson stem off the caad, along with a matching rear brake

    swapping the caad wheels for some nice SS wheels with a friend the gramada will go away for summer riding

    the last set of esi grips i got went on like a dream with bike lube, this set? hell. i honestly laid down on the floor and just waited to be swallowed up to get one on, it was like 9 rounds with ronda russey after saying the term "terf"

    alas they're on, they look nice.

    after this debacle i left the cabeling till tomorrow morning where i shall make a nice clever drip, some porridge and then prey to the vbrake gods

    here are some dimly lit pics

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    Any reason to go for the wizard works over the cheaper ones?

    as a WW owner who has used the bag exactly 3x to carry some coffee outside gear a total of 10 miles to local parks i can say, without a doubt, the extra £200 over other bags is worth it.

    I felt more confident, i felt faster, i felt safer from cars, i think people who saw me, cyclists and drivers alike recognised the bags i was using and gave me that respect.

    Showing friends they were floored, the crafstman ship is easy to see, even if one is not accustomed to such quality workmanship, truly i would not take any other bags having gotten a petronas and a david blaine, much like their name, magical.

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    For sale CaadX sz 56 - £150

    I have this genuine cannondale caadx, from the notorious cannondale caad lineage, some say it bares resemblance to the classic lines of the notorious "caad track", not i, but some.

    i rode this over the summer, it was a lovely bike, but i now how a heavy, ugly steel gravel wagon which wins my heart, and simply one pair of shapely legs. I have no time for this fast, light nimble mile muncher which descends on rails and feels snappy out the saddle while providing a rather compliant ride..

    this was previously built by a discerning local enthusiast , those of you who know them know they would sooner drive somewhere than ride something below their standards, it's an impeccable example of a caad X

    in the sale you will get

    this fine cannondale frame set in go faster red
    a 400mm uncut thomson seatpost
    a saddle
    a fine curation of assorted and desirable stickers applied to the frame by a local artist (myself)
    a non squeaking and silky bb30 bottom bracked, fitted and ready for your choice of crank
    Optional extras:

    master blaster frame pump to fit as seen in pics - £10
    new 105 FD band on to fit - £15

    If you have any questions about this please, feel free to message me, I have included some photos of it as it is now, and some of how i had it built up

    thank you for reading

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    made the decision to condense my bikes again, this time will be parting with my caadx, i just don't ride as much anymore, and any i do is just for leisure.

    means i can vulture bits for the pomp and raleigh tho!

    put the king cages and pathfinders on, definitely looks normatively better but not as fun, will likely stay as is now, maybe a different saddle.

    will pinch the brakes and stem from the caad, get a rear wheel built so i can run the pomp single speed, which will take the roll of "fun rim brake bike" and "fixed gear low maint" all in one

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    thank you for the offers, both very generous! ended up just taking the pathfinders off my caad, better to condense than expand i guess!