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    Clocked my first e-scooter incident today.

    Waiting at the northbound lights at Blackfriars Rd / Stamford Street on CS6. As the (bike) lights go green, a scooterman bombs it down the outside of the bikes and into the junction, but doesn't seem to clock, or misjudges, the flatbed heading into Stamford St that's reached queued traffic and probably won't clear the junction.

    Truck had been visible for ages so I presumed he'd go round it, but when I did a quick shoulder check there was a a big old bang from ahead. Dude must have been doing close to 20mph and I guess he smashed right into the rear corner of the truck. Stuff all over the junction and that horrible eerie quiet that you get after an incident. He seemed initially alright so hope he's all good now; luckily two coppers were first on the scene. Wonder how they'll approach the whole license + insurance thing in light of an incident.

    A lot of stacked traffic at that junction on the regs- the box just gets ignored. But more chilled riding on the superhighways by everyone would be boss.

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    Cheers dudes. Both now spoken for - will repost if available again after all.

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    Price Drop - tenner each

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    Superzero 2 stems, 110mm and 120mm

    83 degrees +/- angle, 140g listed weight for the 110mm

    Unused stems from an overambitious short arse - too long, baby. Both installed and used on the turbo, swiftly removed and reboxed!

    £15 a piece. Live in Kennington/ Elephant, work in Bethnal Green, commute through the city daily, so happy to meet in those places.

    110 has the black bolts
    120 has the silver bolts


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    Fancy raising some €€€ for a bike fit, so got some tasty 5800 up for grabs:

    170mm 52/36 chainset
    Long cage rear mech (max 32T)
    Braze on front mech
    Front and rear calipers (swiss stop pads)

    A few heel scuffs on the drive side crank (hence the bike fit...), but all works a treat.

    Looking for £170. Can meet in SE17 before/after work, Farringdon-ish from 9-5.