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    Dibs on the carbon bar if still available!

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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to track bikes and got myself a Dolan Pre-Cursa which I have been using to learn to ride fixed and also learn to work on bikes.
    I had noticed that my chain is a bit loud and after reading some posts on here I concluded that it is because my chain-line is not completely straight.
    I have attached pictures of what my rear axle currently looks like.
    My question is regarding the piece highlighted in red in the pictures.

    -What is the function of this nut? Do I need to tighten something with it?
    -Can I possibly use it to do slight adjustments to the chain-line (having the nut on one side flush and the other side a bit spaced out)?
    -How is chain-line usually adjusted?

    I am sorry if some of my questions seem a bit stupid!